Modern and simple lighting can fully adapt to this clear and simple style

by:Saintly     2021-06-02
In this simple and modern living room, a chandelier with a modern and simple style is chosen on the ceiling of the living room. The whole luminaire has a simple shape, the white lampshade is matched with the striped pattern, which is simple and refreshing. It is consistent with the style of the whole home decoration, pure and elegant. The dining room with blue walls, with a black lampshade chandelier, is rendered with warm yellow light, creating a touch of warmth and warmth. The dining table and chairs in white and natural wood make the space more concise and natural. A seemingly simple chandelier design actually contains a very special decorative effect. This modern and simple lighting base does not have too many patterns and decorations. The shape of the Saintly Lightingis exquisite and simple, which matches the style of the entire living room, simple and refreshing. The modern and simple Saintly Lightingdecorations that are transparent and full of hanging feeling can fully adapt to this clear and simple style, and the decorative effect is very good. There are five modern and simple chandeliers hanging above the rectangular dining table. They are of different lengths and are scattered and matched to complement each other. The black lampshade is combined with the white bulb, the color is distinct, simple and aesthetic. The black simple style chandelier matches the dining table and chair style very well. With the development of compact light sources, a variety of new technologies and new processes have been continuously adopted, and electrical accessories such as ballasts have been miniaturized, and modern minimalist lighting has been developing in the direction of compactness, practicality and multi-function. The modern style of color matching mainly emphasizes the contrast and coordination between the primary colors, and the choice of decorative painting and fabric has a finishing touch on the color effect of the entire home space. The decoration color matching of modern and simple style is mainly divided into six color systems: bright color system with yellow and orange as the center color, hard color system with red as the center color, and soft color system with soft pink as the center color. , The elegant color system with pink as the center color, the elegant color system with rose and lavender home design as the center color, and the gorgeous color system with orange, blue and gold as the center color. In the use of furniture, the modern style emphasizes strong functionality, simple and smooth lines, and more choice of solid wood furniture and panel furniture. Solid wood furniture is made of natural materials and will not use artificial panels to make furniture; while panel furniture has the characteristics of simple and bright, flexible and easy to use, and the price is relatively easy to choose. Modern and simple Saintly Lightingwill choose to use a large number of new materials such as tempered glass or stainless steel to produce, reflecting the eclectic furniture style.
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