Modern and simple lighting energy saving and high efficiency is the mainstream

by:Saintly     2021-05-30
Walking in the major decoration and decoration material markets, there are really many lighting franchise stores. During the visit, I found that with the continuous advancement of modern lighting technology, new materials, new processes, and new technologies are widely used, and people’s understanding of various lighting principles and their The in-depth study of the use environment has broken through the traditional concepts of simple lighting and brightening the environment in the past, and has greatly enriched the expressive power and beautification methods of modern lamps and lighting on the lighting environment. Using computer-aided design, through the requirements of brightness, light distribution curve, function and structure design of lamps and lanterns, the lamps and lanterns can meet the practical needs and maximize the effect of the light source, and pay more attention to the decorative aesthetic effects of the appearance of the lamps and lanterns. , The style of lighting is richer, the decorative effect is more individual, and energy saving and high efficiency are the mainstream. The development of modern lighting technology and the continuous emergence of new materials and new scientific and technological achievements, as well as people's in-depth research on various Saintly Lightingprinciples and their use environment, have greatly enriched the expressive power of modern lighting environment and its unique artistic charm. Therefore, modern lamps and lanterns present some new development trends. First of all, modern lamp design is not only for simple lighting and beautification of products, but more importantly, the use of technology, through the rational design of the structure and function of the lamp, to meet actual needs and maximize the performance of the light source. Modern lighting design generally starts with the lighting effect, adopts computer-aided design, calculates the illuminance and light distribution curve of the lighting place, and then carries out the structural design. On the premise, the appearance is as beautiful, comfortable and durable as possible. The decoration of modern and simple lighting style is composed of many geometric elements. There are decorative paintings with geometric patterns, pillows with geometric patterns, and even the lighting has geometric styles. The geometric lighting is cast into various geometric shapes by metal connections, with simple inlays in the middle. Put in an incandescent lamp to create a minimalist modern and simple lighting style. Both ceiling lamps and table lamps have geometric shapes, which are also a major feature in modern minimalist lighting style decoration.
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