Modern and simple lighting fashion and practical decoration methods are favored by many friends

by:Saintly     2021-06-01
Modern and simple lighting is favored by many friends who wear clothes with simple, fashionable and practical decoration methods. Modern minimalist style also has a main function-modern minimalist decoration will be more chic and have a certain sense of modernity. Simple lights, the following are some modern and simple lighting that can be shared with you: The shape of the light is composed of aviation aluminum and silica gel strips, forming a circle, the surface is painted brown, plus LED energy-saving, environmentally friendly light source, simple and unique. Due to the extensive effects of new materials, new processes, and new technologies, as well as people's in-depth research on various lighting principles and their use environments, they have broken through the traditional concepts of simple lighting and brightening environments. People's demand for lights is no longer only on simple lighting, but more beautiful. Modern and simple lighting serves family life. From the perspective of the development history of global industrial design, there is still a big gap between China's Saintly Lightingdesign and developed countries. design belongs to the category of industrial design. For example, automobiles and large and small electrical appliances belong to the category of industrial design. There is a term in industrial design called human-computer interaction, which is the communication and experience of human-computer interaction. The comfort of the sitting person, the convenience of driving operation, etc. The same is true for lighting design. Excellent lighting design products are to make emotional changes between people and lights, not to separate and lose contact. This is also the concept that modern minimalist lighting has always adhered to, that is to say, it integrates home lighting and home decoration. Function and family art are linked together and become a harmonious whole between people and living environment. These ideas benefited from daily communication with foreign architects and industrial designers. In foreign countries, designers from Europe and other developed countries, especially architectural designers, are responsible for overall architectural design, interior design, and even furniture design, including lighting and lighting design. Completed as a whole to ensure the integrity and perfection of the architectural design style. Modern and simple lighting lines require soft and elegant, and the entire three-dimensional form is integrated with an orderly rhythmic curve.
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