Modern and simple lighting gives people a simple and intimacy

by:Saintly     2021-05-31
Modern and simple lighting has a particularly good waterproof and shockproof effect, so there is no need to worry about sun and rain causing damage to the lighting fixture. There are also many types of underwater lights, including long strip, round, square, length, and size, which can be selected by themselves, which is suitable for building installation and application with different shapes. The operation method has also changed from the original master-slave connection operation, and now it supports offline or built-in operation. The installation method also supports wireless DMX operation. The light effect channel of lamp bead Saintly Lightinghas also been upgraded from the original general 3 channels to 20 channels. Let each group of lamp beads be able to freely match the luminous effect to achieve a different color modeling effect, and create a completely original visual effect for large buildings! Modern and simple lighting has an unusually long service life, which is absolutely guaranteed to be used continuously outdoors. It is impossible for the lighting fixtures to fail to light due to weather problems and interfere with the landscape lighting effect. The shorter the mixing distance, the lamp body can support 950,000 hours long-term installation at close range. Only because of the cost problem, it is still difficult to spread indoors. From the operation inspection on the market, the sales of lamps that purely focus on LED skills are growing relatively fast, which is embodied in outdoor lamps such as modern minimalist lighting and small colored tree lights. If you should be helped by other skills, if you are exposed to high-level novel types such as art design and concepts, the supply will be far less than the demand, but the gross profit of such products is relatively high. The innovation of modern minimalist Saintly Lightingis often a response to social trends. In an unfamiliar environment, by using new materials and developing their unrealized potential, the use of new materials in the design of modern lighting will have a significant innovation effect. There are two types of new materials, one is a brand-new material, the fusion of technology and art, full of unknown exploration. Its natural stretchability and the light transmittance of textile materials determine that it can be drawn into complex forms, and light can diffuse into the surrounding space through the polyester fiber fabric. Lamps and lanterns made of textile materials are more layered in appearance. Another material itself may not be new, but their unique usage can be new. The lamps and lanterns in the same room should be unified in style, materials and colors. At the same time, pay attention to the overall tone of the shape and color formation of all the space occupied objects in the room (furniture, electrical appliances, etc.), and coordinate with the style of the lamps. For example, a simple modern interior design is more suitable for modern lighting with the same design style. Only a unified style can create a good Saintly Lightingand decorative effect. The current modern style lighting is very diverse, including metal, ceramic, glass, fabric, etc. The texture of the lamp should be considered from the overall style to create a different atmosphere. For example, the use of glass lamps can create a light and delicate atmosphere, lamps made of inscription and chrome-plated metals can show a strong sense of modernity, while natural materials often give people a simple and intimacy. In addition, considering that the toilet is used more frequently at night, the lighting is frequently switched on and off. Therefore, many people worry about the service life of lamps. Jingying modern modern lighting provides a long-term use cycle of 25,000 hours, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, so you can use it with confidence.
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