Modern and simple lighting has become a harmonious whole between people and living environment

by:Saintly     2021-06-01
Modern and simple lighting serves family life. From the perspective of the development history of global industrial design, there is still a big gap between China's lighting design and developed countries. design belongs to the category of industrial design. For example, automobiles and large and small electrical appliances belong to the category of industrial design. There is a term in industrial design called human-computer interaction, which is the communication and experience of human-computer interaction. The comfort of the sitting person, the convenience of driving operation, etc. The same is true for Saintly Lightingdesign. Excellent lighting design products are to make emotional changes between people and lights, not to separate and lose contact. This is also the concept that modern minimalist lighting has always adhered to, that is to say, it integrates home lighting and home decoration. Function and family art are linked together and become a harmonious whole between people and living environment. These ideas benefited from daily communication with foreign architects and industrial designers. In foreign countries, designers from Europe and other developed countries, especially architectural designers, are responsible for overall architectural design, interior design, and even furniture design, including lighting and lighting design. Completed as a whole to ensure the integrity and perfection of the architectural design style. In China, Saintly Lightingdesign is currently only a passive part of architectural design. At the level of market division of labor and operation, many links related to architectural design are divided into many industries in a unilateral way. In fact, from the perspective of artistic structure, they all serve the entire architectural art and family culture. The development of modern minimalist lighting is an art closely related to architectural decoration style and the trend of the times. In the various style categories of classicism, neoclassicism, pastoral romance and modern simplicity, modern minimalist lighting is popular with many lighting consumers because it keeps up with the pulse of the times and integrates fashion trends. In recent years, modern and simple lighting has been widely sought after by the market, mainly because the current mainstream consumers have turned to the younger generation after the 1980s and 1990s. They have freedom of thought, financial independence, and pursuit of individuality and fashion taste. In addition, modern commercial houses usually tend to be patterned, with a simple appearance, square structure and low floor height, which is suitable for modern home decoration styles and the use of modern lamps. In terms of brand connotation, compared with other mature industries such as luxury goods, clothing and automobile industries, China's current modern minimalist lighting brands are still very young. Now, far-sighted manufacturers are beginning to take the brand route, which is a qualitative process. One of the most important principles of building a brand is that it must start from the conceptual level of the boss. Enterprise brand leaders can only take the road of brand building if they have a high degree of brand awareness. Reached such a consensus in the leader and corporate culture, and then it is possible to create such an excellent product.
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