Modern and simple lighting has become the technological mainstream of modern lighting products

by:Saintly     2021-06-01
With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people also seem to be more striving for home decoration. In the choice of modern home decoration styles, the refreshing, simple and transparent Nordic and Japanese styles are becoming more and more popular among contemporary young people. Scandinavian minimalist lighting and Japanese minimalism have also become two great tools for attacking modern culture and youth. Today, Scandinavian minimalist lighting control will take you to understand from the perspective of lighting so that these two tasteful home designs can be created at a low cost. style. Let me talk about the difference between the two first. After all, many customers are easy to confuse these two decoration styles. In fact, there are many similarities between the two styles because of the basic concepts. The two styles are mixed and matched on the market. There are many designs in one space. 1. Focus on energy saving, economical and practical. Due to the use of high technology, although the power of modern Saintly Lightingis low, the amount of light is much higher than that of incandescent lamps of the same power, such as energy-saving lamps. The widespread use of new energy-saving bulbs has become the mainstream technology of modern lighting products. 2. Multiple combinations and complete functions. People are no longer just satisfied with the Saintly Lightingfunction of lamps, lamps suitable for various usage requirements came into being. Combining lighting with daily necessities is also a popular daily fashion, such as ceiling fan lights, round mirror lights, flashlight yellow lights and so on. 3. High technology. Because electronic technology is widely used in the manufacture of lamps, there are more third-generation lighting lamps that adapt to different voltages and can adjust the brightness. Lamps that can protect eyesight, such as non-strobe lamps, three-wavelength chromatogram adjustable lamps, and far-infrared red light emitting lamps, are also on the market. The decoration requirements of modern and simple lighting are to highlight the word concise as a whole. Even in a messy study, it is this kind of visual enjoyment that needs to be created. The study is a relatively messy space, and the overall manifestation is a kind of congestion. There is no way. The study itself has a small space, but there are many things placed. This requires the choice of lamps and lanterns not to be too large, causing 'noisy guests.' For the visual experience, choose softer lights in color to avoid damage to the eyes. Of course, more often, we will choose to place a lamp to increase the light of the desk, which is also a kind of protection for eyesight.
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