Modern and simple lighting highlights practical simplicity and simplicity and comfort

by:Saintly     2021-05-31
The modern minimalist style is all based on practical functions, without excessive decoration, and emphasizes the simple and bright appearance. The walls, floors, furniture and lighting in the interior are all characterized by simple shapes and comfortable textures, and they are matched together. The colors, textures, shapes and other aspects are harmonious and unified, not luxurious and gorgeous, not delicate and pretentious, highlighting practical simplicity and simplicity and comfort. Modern and simple lighting should be a best-selling product on the market at present, so there are many companies that produce this style of products. According to incomplete statistics, about a thousand companies are involved in this field. 1. In terms of materials, the bulb sockets of modern and simple Saintly Lightingare made of white iron, which is easy to rust. The lamps with better quality are generally made of aluminum alloy. Just like Jiulin Dumei, most of our materials are made of aluminum. Alloy, good-looking, durable and not easy to rust. 2. In terms of filaments,    better lamps are generally double tungsten filaments, but LED light sources are now common. LED light sources are a good choice for durability and overall appearance. Jiulin Dumei is specialized in LED light sources. 3. In terms of brightness, the brightness of LED light is much higher than that of ordinary tungsten bulbs, and the wattage is large enough to save energy and does not consume electricity. 4. In terms of price,    when buying lamps, don’t just look for cheap, because quality and price are definitely proportional. As the saying goes, it makes sense to say that you get what you pay for. 5. The certification aspect    depends on whether the product has 3C certification qualification, and its content is reviewed
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