Modern and simple lighting is more suitable for people with more personality

by:Saintly     2021-06-01
There is no exact definition of the concept of doctrine, which is determined by the pluralism and complexity of doctrine. Uncertainty is one of the fundamental characteristics of Doctrine, and this concept has multiple meanings. The spiritual impact of ism on contemporary people is all-round. At the level of thinking theory, affirmative criticism can negate the spirit and heterogeneous and diverse cultural intentions. Only in its 'different things' can ism interior design obtain its own regulations. And philosophy. Doctrine style is a design trend and idea that revises modernism in form. The modernist interior design concept completely abandoned the seriousness and simplicity of modernism, and often has a historical metaphor, full of a large number of decorative details, deliberately creating an ambiguous and confusing mood, emphasizing the connection with the space, using Non-traditional colors and their contradictions often make people bored, and this boredom is exactly the typical mentality of Doctrine towards modernism in the past 50 years. is more suitable for young people, and it is more suitable for people with more personality. Modern and simple Saintly Lightingis a design trend and concept that modifies modern style in form. According to the style, it is divided into: modern style and classical style. Now a new term is popular in the industry, which is a new style evolved from modern style. It is very modern and strong, but it is fundamentally different from the previous modern. According to the scene, there are indoor and outdoor two kinds. The above mentioned are indoor decorative lighting. Outdoors such as street lights, landscape lights and so on. According to the material, there are: crystal, marble, glass, copper-zinc alloy, stainless steel, acrylic (plastic and plastic). This only refers to the material used in the main body. These materials are shared when designing and manufacturing. Modern and simple lighting is a criticism of the pure rationalism tendency in modern style. The style emphasizes that architecture and interior decoration should have historical continuity, but it is not limited to traditional logical thinking, explores innovative modeling techniques, pays attention to human touch, and is often indoors. Set up exaggerated and deformed columns and broken arches, or abstract classical components.
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