Modern and simple lighting meets European and American quality inspection standards and craftsmanship

by:Saintly     2021-05-31
Minimalism has not become the mainstream style in the Chinese design world until today, so many design types used by many designers in China today are basically minimalist styles. At this time, minimalism represents a kind. The attitude of elegance, elegance and modernity has been fully accepted by the domestic market and has become the mainstream design style in China today, and it has become a fashion. In the eyes of many consumers, if the design is not 'simpleFirst of all, modern and simple Saintly Lightinghas the advantages of high luminous efficiency, permanent color, low power consumption, long service life, safe and reliable performance, no glare, no ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, low noise, and environmental protection. And with excellent quality, it has passed CE certification, 3C certification, GS certification and other certifications, and successfully established an electric light source laboratory, forming a quality inspection standard and process that meets Europe and the United States. Secondly, all products are produced using molds, and bulk purchases can reduce costs. Continuous Ru0026D and innovation have ensured the pure European design pedigree of the product, and upgraded high-end products. In addition, product intelligence is also a goal that has always been pursued. At present, intelligent products that can adjust lights and colors, voice control, segmentation and scenes have been introduced in export products. In order to make modern and simple Saintly Lightingproducts more suitable for market sales, several new product lines have been added to modern minimalist lighting, and drivers and LED light sources have been purchased in strict accordance with 3C standards and European regulations. The display value of modern minimalist Saintly Lightingis above 80, ensuring product quality and high-end stability. At present, modern and simple lighting has been sold at home and abroad, and remarkable results have been achieved in improving brand awareness and reputation.
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