Modern and simple lights are consistent with the style of the whole home decoration

by:Saintly     2021-06-02
In this simple and modern living room, a chandelier with a modern and simple style is chosen on the ceiling of the living room. The whole luminaire has a simple shape, the white lampshade is matched with the striped pattern, which is simple and refreshing. It is consistent with the style of the whole home decoration, pure and elegant. In the past, the modern and minimalist ceiling lamps in shopping malls were relatively simple in style and monotonous in color, but nowadays, there are many styles of ceiling lamps on the market, with rich colors and exquisite patterns. When choosing a ceiling light, you should choose ceiling lights of different shapes and materials to decorate the space according to the style of the functional room. As the supporting role of the space, the lamp is important to form a good light environment. In this case, the selected ceiling light should be as simple as possible, and close to the color of the ceiling, so as to achieve the purpose of highlighting the main body. In addition, the color temperature should also be adapted to the style. The higher the color temperature, the bluer the color, and vice versa, the redder. Poor use of color temperature will seriously affect the style of the space, and may even affect people's psychology. On the one hand, my country is still in a period of large-scale urbanization. The continuous construction and expansion of the urban market contains tens of billions of home lighting demand. At the same time, from the first and second tier cities to the third and fourth tier cities, the domestic real estate market is heating up. It also drives the market demand for home lighting. On the other hand, in recent years, with the increase in consumer income levels, their personal and decorative needs for home lighting have increased. Home Saintly Lightingno longer stays at simple lighting needs, giving birth to more mid-to-high-end home lighting markets. demand. Modern and simple lighting: take a lazy nap in the summer afternoon, the wall lamp beside it emits a warm yellow tone, which makes people drowsy. This wall lamp is unique in shape, simple but not simple. Use a variety of bright floral elements to decorate the living room, and decorate an elegant curved wall lamp on the wall to make the living room more elegant and romantic. Modern and simple lighting: For owners who like simple home style, it is a good choice to use a simple wall lamp as Saintly Lightingon the top of the shoe bench or on the wall of the study room. In particular, this wall lamp adopts aesthetically concise materials and shapes, so that the style of the lamp is more coordinated with the style of the room. The dining room with blue walls, with a black lampshade chandelier, is rendered with warm yellow light, creating a touch of warmth and warmth. The dining table and chairs in white and natural wood make the space more concise and natural. A seemingly simple chandelier design actually contains a very special decorative effect. This modern and simple lighting base does not have too many patterns and decorations. The shape of the lighting is exquisite and simple, which matches the style of the entire living room, simple and refreshing. The modern and simple lighting decorations that are transparent and full of hanging feeling can fully adapt to this clear and simple style, and the decorative effect is very good.
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