Modern lighting brings a wild charm with a sense of primitiveness

by:Saintly     2021-06-04
The bedroom is a person's private space. With every night's sleep, we welcome the hope of the rising sun. If you want a comfortable start, or a rainy homestead, a beautiful and elegant bedroom is essential. People living in busy cities seem to have a little yearning for the original atmosphere. Modern Saintly Lightingdesigners use a lot of natural materials in the interior, such as wooden floors with natural patterns, a coffee table made of logs, and a black storage table behind the sofa. Many windows are spilled into the room, so that these natural elements exude a more comfortable and warm atmosphere. The smoky gray fabric sofa and the black TV background wall are individually customized by the designer. The materials are hand-woven and painted with black paint. The mix and match of materials and three-dimensional patterns demonstrate uniqueness and fashion. On the other wall, rough wood-grain patterned wallpapers and exaggerated character decoration paintings bring a wild charm with a sense of primitiveness. This is a bedroom with Nordic style mixed with light industrial style. The bedside wall of the bedroom is directly painted with white latex paint on the red brick wall. It is very cool. With the large log bed and long wooden floor, it creates an environmentally friendly and fresh home atmosphere. . The bedside wall and floor of the bedroom are painted light gray, and a simple and comfortable large bed is placed against the wall. The large bed is equipped with light blue-green bedding. At the same time, modern Saintly Lightingis hung in grass green. These bright color elements make the bedroom More spring-like freshness. The lighting in this bedroom is very good. The floor is covered with black patterned carpets, the walls and ceilings are whitewashed, and the bedside walls are designed with individual wooden headboards, coupled with fresh green plants and cotton bedding, which looks soft and fresh. The bedside table is a practical part of the bedroom, carrying our daily necessities and decorative ornaments. However, its style does not have to be constrained to the boxy cabinet shape, and even chairs and shelves may bring unexpected effects. This is a Nordic-style bedroom. The floor of the bedroom is covered with solid wood floors and decorated with folded striped carpets. The wall of the bedside is painted in light gray, with white and gray bedding, plus individual wooden small As a bedside table, it is simple and comfortable. The floor of the bedroom is covered with wood-colored solid wood flooring, and the wall of the bedside is painted gray. The large bed with modern lighting is simple and neat with gray and light pink bedding. The light pink elements are soft and quiet, adding a warm feeling to the bedroom.
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