Modern lighting can achieve a visual effect that complements each other

by:Saintly     2021-06-04
First, restaurant lights are generally classified by the number of chandeliers, which can be divided into single-head chandeliers and multi-head chandeliers. The single head chandelier can make the lighting more concentrated, but the lighting range is small, which is suitable for small dining tables or round dining tables. The multi-head chandelier has a wider lighting range and uniform light distribution, which is used for long dining tables. In addition, the style and color recommendations of the restaurant lights are consistent with the overall design style of the restaurant, which can achieve a visual effect that complements each other. The size of modern lighting is obviously not fixed, it is determined according to the different shape of modern lighting, the height from the dining table and the ground. If the size of the chandelier is not properly matched with the size of the dining table, it is easy to feel inconsistent. Generally, it is recommended to have a chandelier with a diameter of 60cm for a dining table of 1.4 meters to 1.6 meters, and a chandelier with a diameter of about 80cm for a 1.8-meter dining table. In terms of the height selection of modern lighting, if the chandelier is hung too high, it will affect the lighting. If hung too low, it will easily hit the head. According to the general height of the dining table, the distance from the bottom of the chandelier to the surface of the dining table is recommended to be about 75-80cm. The range is the best, and it can ensure that normal communication is not affected when people are sitting, and it is not easy to see the light outlet when standing. Another important detail that is easily overlooked is that the dining chandelier should be on the top of the center of the dining table, not in the center of the dining area. In terms of the lighting selection of modern lighting, the restaurant is a place for a family to have a casual meal. The cold lighting is obviously inappropriate. Therefore, it is recommended that the color temperature is 3000K warm yellow light, which can create a warm, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Modern lighting recommends that the color rendering index is not less than 80, so as to better present the color of food and stimulate our taste buds. The illuminance should not be too high, which will easily make you irritable. Therefore, the maximum lighting illuminance is recommended not to exceed 200lx. In addition, it is advisable to choose chandelier in the restaurant at home, the light of the chandelier is relatively gentle, and it looks gentle and not dazzling. The light source of modern lighting is suitable to come from directly above the dining table, so that there is no need to tilt, so the light in the center is the best. Let the gentle modern Saintly Lightinglights gather in the middle of the dining table, and it can also condense our sight and dining mood. Spotlights are not recommended. The spotlight’s light is soft, but the spotlight’s light is beam-shaped and can only focus on a certain point. If the spotlight’s light is directed at the table, it will appear very dark in other places, and it may appear to be sitting opposite the family. But I can't see the face of the opponent, so spotlights are not recommended for restaurant lights.
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