Modern lighting fits the Nordic style's pursuit of simplicity and functionality

by:Saintly     2021-06-04
This Nordic style ceiling lamp is made of iron + acrylic material, and has been polished 3 times, polished 2 times, and sprayed 5 layers to create a smooth and clean facade. The surface of the frame is made of matte paint, and the paint effect is exquisite, and it will last forever. In terms of function, it is the popular stepless dimming, with remote control configuration, which brings a user-friendly and comfortable experience. It can be said that from the theme to the shape, it is in line with the Nordic style's pursuit of simplicity and functionality. So far, the concept of modern lighting has no precise definition. This depends on the diversity and complexity of modern lighting. Uncertainty is one of the basic characteristics of modern lighting, and this concept has many meanings. Modern Saintly Lightinghas a wide range of spiritual influences on contemporary people. At the level of thinking theory, it is certain that the criticism of modern lighting denies spiritual and heterogeneous cultural intentions. The interior design of modern lighting has its own rules and ideas only when it is 'different'. Modernism in form can be changed. The interior design concept of modern lighting completely abandons the seriousness and simplicity of modernism, often with historical metaphors, full of many decorative details, deliberately creating an ambiguous and confusing mood, emphasizing the use of non-traditional colors in connection with the space , Is usually bored because of its contradictions, which is precisely the typical mentality of modernism in the past 50 years. Modern lighting is more suitable for young people, but also more suitable for people with more personality. Modern lighting is a design trend and concept that can change the modern style in form. Nordic minimalist lighting is characterized by simplicity, design, and practicality in use. Now Nordic lamps are very popular in our home improvement market, so what are the specific characteristics of Nordic style lamps? Jingying has found a lot The beautiful pictures of Nordic minimalist lighting are for everyone to admire. The Nordic minimalist lighting has always been the main style of simplicity and elegance, and at the same time it has an elegant and luxurious space beauty. There are countless designs in styles. The beauty, appreciation and adaptability of Nordic style lamps can express the style of the house very well. The major feature of the Nordic minimalist lighting is the combination of simple design and aesthetic expression, making the appearance of the lamps look not exaggerated and full of designer feelings. If you have a simple decoration style in your home, you can choose Nordic Extreme. Jane lighting.
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