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by:Saintly     2021-06-03
The foyer is the place where you enter the room to give a first impression, so it should be bright, and the location of the lamps should be considered at the junction of the entrance and the interior, so as to avoid shadows on the visitor's face. The living room is the meeting place in our home, usually with top Saintly Lightingdesign. If the indoor height is low (below 2.6 meters), it is better to choose modern lighting or dewaxed glass lamp shade ornaments; on the contrary, it is better to choose post-modern chandelier. If you want to install a crystal chandelier in the living room, the bottom of the lamp should be at least 2.2 meters away from the ground. If it is a duplex house and the living room is two stories high, the design of the lamps should at least not be lower than the second floor. The selection of kitchen lamps should be based on easy scrubbing and corrosion resistance. The top center is equipped with modern waterproof and dustproof lighting, which is safe and easy to clean. Whether for aesthetics or safety, it is necessary to place lamps above the kitchen counter. Lamps and lanterns should be arranged 1.8m away from the ground, or 70-85cm away from the kitchen countertop. When it comes to safety, the exterior of modern lighting is inlaid with a cover. Therefore, the safety performance during the installation process will be significantly improved. In terms of the selectivity it brings, we feel that it is also functional. More and more diversified, in the analysis, they all believe that the technology and technical process of modern lighting are more scientific. After seeing the safety effects and features, they all feel that the benefits of installation are more and more. After grasping the security details, I feel that the difference is getting bigger and bigger. Modern lighting tells you that from the perspective of the function of modern lighting, it is gradually becoming more and more perfect. After grasping the basic differences and characteristics, they all believe that the design is relatively complete in terms of function, and they have grasped the part. After the functions and requirements, it is believed that there are more and more basic points in the installation process. In short, we must grasp the differences between each other in this process. This will also be more professional during installation. The system has reached the choice that satisfies customers. As a private space in the home, the bedroom should be lit with soft and decorative lamps to create a space atmosphere. A modern lighting can be used as the main light source, and a wall lamp or luminous lamp slot can be used as a decorative Saintly Lightingtool. Warm reminder from post-modern Saintly Lightingmanufacturers: Do not place the lamps directly above the bed, as this will make people feel uneasy. The restaurant is a place for family gatherings, and the main lighting is required to have the characteristics of high color rendering, high illuminance, and warm colors. Chandeliers or modern lighting are generally used. There should be a distance of 70-85cm between the lamps above the dining room and the table top.
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