Modern lighting is loved by modern young people

by:Saintly     2021-06-04
At present, the lamps and lanterns market are extremely rich in varieties, with ever-changing shapes and different performances. The beauty of lamps is very important. Beautiful colors and well-shaped lamps can bring people a sense of pleasure. Beautiful lighting is not only decorative, but also needs eye protection. In Jingying lighting products, whether it is modern lighting art style, Chinese antique style, Bohemian retro style or European and American luxury style, it can be used here. Choose suitable Saintly Lightingproducts. It is loved by modern young people. Jingying is a professional lighting manufacturer integrating production, Ru0026D and sales. The company has an intimate design team that reshapes the fashion of lighting with 'modern fashion, creative techniques, and tasteThe professional operation and management team breaks through the traditional lighting consumption pattern with the action mode of modern ceiling lamps. Jingying lighting adopts imported chips, which have passed the inspection and certification of the national authority, and the quality and safety are guaranteed. The power consumption is not more than 0.1W, which is one ten thousandth of that of an incandescent lamp. long life. Fully simulate natural light, no glare, no radiation, no flicker, and it is more effective for young people to prevent myopia. Thousands of products, with prices ranging from tens of yuan to several thousand yuan, high-, middle- and low-end product systems to meet different levels of demand. Welcome people with lofty ideals to actively participate, seek common development, and jointly expand the market. Ecological design has always been highly regarded in Western developed countries. People hope that their homes are not only beautiful, but also green and environmentally friendly. The use of natural materials will bring new natural aesthetic characteristics to modern lighting. Leaf veins are the bones of the leaves and the skeleton of nature. The leaf blades are like natural skin wrapped in a light source. The light passes through the layers of translucent leaf veins and becomes soft, restoring the translucent beauty of nature itself. And momentum. The design material uses the veins left by the leaves of Magnolia sylvestris after being de-fleshed. After bleaching, it shows a kind of transparent, light and yarn-like veins. This ecological material has a certain degree of toughness, naturalness, lightness, and is recyclable. The material has excellent light transmittance and exudes a natural sense of movement in the air, messy but regular. At present, the styles of home lighting brands on the market are dazzling, with all kinds of weird and weird shapes. Introduce a simple and stylish modern ceiling lamp. This modern lamp has a simple and clear shape, and the lines are relatively soft. This modern ceiling lamp in the living room chooses a single pure white in color. The lamp surface has a special design of rectangular grids that are scattered and disorderly arranged on the lamp surface. Even modern ceiling lamps have such a design. These rectangular grids are like architectural signs of the world, and they look like some broken branches covering modern ceiling lamps. When this modern ceiling lamp is turned on, the light penetrates through these textures, and the effect of mapping on the wall is like the branches of a tree spreading out. It gives people a sense of confusion of being in the forest and not knowing the direction, which adds to the mystery. The white modern ceiling lamp echoes the red TV background wall. The shadow reflected by the light shines on but the background wall is like a blooming flower.
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