Modern lighting market will be popular

by:Saintly     2021-06-03
Modern lighting has never attracted people's attention in the family. In recent years, it has become a daily necessity for most young people. Especially in metropolises such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but as far as everyone is concerned, the modern lighting of these third-tier cities also has another major performance. For a long time, modern lighting has been used in combination. So far, after five years of rapid development under the influence of the market, modern minimalist lighting has gradually been covered by first-tier cities, second-tier and third-tier cities. In the future, the modern lighting market will become more and more popular. When we were children, old people often said, 'It's cool to have a quiet mind.' This is not the case, but everyone knows that it is easy to get 'air-conditioning.' Since it is sometimes best to replace the cooling fan, the problem is that the high-power fan has insufficient air volume, is noisy, and takes up indoor space. Although an electric fan can be installed, the silicon steel plate stamped by the high-precision mold has a high consistency and a small product gap. Therefore, the quality of the silicon steel plate directly determines the mute effect and stability of the assembled product. There are also different blades and forks, and there are strict requirements for different specifications and sizes (including thickness, width and narrowness). A slight modification requires corresponding technical adjustments to the motor. Modern lighting is a perfect combination of lamps and ceiling fans, which is very popular among consumers. Modern lighting is not only practical, but with the development of technology, its decorative function is getting better and better. In this season, modern lighting is very popular among the public. The air conditioner is too cold and needs electricity, and the floor fan takes up too much space. You can also use modern lighting by dragging a line. After warming up and turning on the air conditioner, use it with modern lighting. Set the temperature of the air conditioner to 267 degrees. Turn on the fan light to speed up the circulation of cold air in the room and keep it cool. In addition to aesthetic and decorative requirements, energy conservation, environmental protection, health and comfort are also the main reasons for the popularity of fans in the future. Modern Saintly Lightingconsumes only one twentieth of the power consumption of household air conditioners, and can be used alone at a temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, and can be cooled by 3-4 degrees Celsius. If it is used together with an air conditioner, the air conditioner compressor does not need to run for a long time, which can extend the service life of the air conditioner and save electricity bills.
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