Modern lighting should be bought according to the internal structure of our house

by:Saintly     2021-06-04
Because the new home is a place to greet guests, it must be decorated to attract attention. The new home is equipped with modern Saintly Lightingor modern lighting. It should be purchased according to the width of the room in our house, and our preference is good. Similar to other lamps, there are many raw materials for making modern lighting, including plastics, glass, heavy metals, ceramics and so on. Among them, ceramics and glass have a long life and are difficult to degrade, and they are very decent and generous. The heavy metal facilities on the lamp, such as parts, will slow down the corruption, and the use time is basically about 5 years. The degradation efficiency is very fast due to plastic modern lighting, because the plastic will change when heated. It is not said which modern lighting and modern lighting is better, it depends on the style of dressing, the height of the floor and the customization of the wall color. Basically, modern lighting is suitable for new homes, bedrooms, kitchens, toilets, etc. For example, the height of the floor is above meters, and the wall color is forest green and light blue. Modern ceiling lamps can be used to make the light bright and broad, noisy and gorgeous; the height of the floor is below 3 meters, with creamy yellow or white walls. Modern Saintly Lightingshould be used to improve the wide awareness of the halls. When installing, it should be noted that the low-distance ground of the modern lighting of the new residence should not be less than 3.2 meters, and the width of the modern lighting installation of the restaurant should not be too low. If it is too low, it will become very congested, and it will also show an oppressive effect. find. Modern Saintly Lightingis suitable for new homes. There are many designs and colors of modern lighting, simple candlestick modern lighting, Chinese modern lighting, crystal modern lighting, etc. are often used. The single-head modern lighting used in the house is two different from the multi-head modern lighting. The front one is mostly used as a bedroom and a restaurant; the latter should be installed in the new house. Modern lighting is named because the top of the lamp is relatively flat and the bottom can be safely attached to the top of the house when it is installed. Over the years, the ability to grow, and the transformation of modern lighting is also advancing day by day. It is not limited to a single lamp, but grows toward diversification. It not only absorbs the luxury and elegance of modern lighting, but also uses modern lighting installation methods to avoid Shorter rooms can not install the flaws of standard luxury lamps.
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