Modern minimalist lighting has become a major trend in modern furniture

by:Saintly     2021-06-01
The integrated design of modern furniture and modern minimalist Saintly Lightinghas become a major trend in modern furniture since the 1990s. The world-famous Milan Furniture International Fair in Italy, Cologne International Furniture Fair in Germany, and the United States High Point International Furniture Fair all combine furniture with is designed, displayed, exhibited and sold as a whole series. More and more designers are showing great interest in the overall design of furniture and lamps. The combination of multiple elements in the middle makes the shape of modern furniture shine. Furniture should pay attention to overall shape effects such as shape, structure, human-machine relationship, material texture, etc.; lamps should pay attention to overall shape effects such as light, shape, color quality, structure, etc., both of which are the basis of building environment space effects, and they complement each other. , Add radiance to each other. 1. Fashion trend 1: Simple structure, fine workmanship, and bright colors. Now, the trend of home decoration lamp design is becoming more and more simple in structure, fine workmanship, and bright colors, just as we see more and more landings in Beijing Italian furniture, their design style is very modern. The household lamps that reflect the high-end fashion styles of the world today have also entered Chinese households with modern-style furniture. It is also the lamps with this simple design style that pay more attention to simple design, reasonable and full use of light sources. The lighting efficiency and furniture complement each other. It is not like the traditional concept of lamps with complex structure, colorful, cumbersome body, and neglect of light effects in the design to make full use of. This is a revolution in design concepts. At the same time, the design of this high-end fashion lamp also meets energy saving requirements.    2. Fashion trend 2: Beautiful, practical, and personalized. The concept of ideal home decoration lamps will be beautiful, practical, and personalized. Emphasizing self and pursuing individuality will become the first choice of many customers. The ever-increasing richness of furniture and lighting on the market provides customers with more choices, and the individualization of customer preferences puts forward newer and higher requirements for the development of furniture and lighting, which promotes the continuous integration of furniture and lighting. 3. Fashion trend 3: High cultural content, people-oriented, energy-saving and environmental protection. With the increase of the new generation of high cultural literacy consumer groups, the cultural content of home decoration will be greatly improved. In terms of furniture configuration, the lighting that can reflect the cultural heritage will be large. popular. When people are pursuing the comfort of home life, humanized design is the solution to this demand, and unnecessary and fancy decorations will be eliminated. Whether it is decoration or furniture, the concept of 'people-oriented' is used as the guiding ideology of design. In contemporary society, as people's awareness of environmental protection increases, there will be more and more environmentally-friendly designs and furniture made of environmentally-friendly materials. In the future home decoration, Saintly Lightingwith environmental protection functions will be more and more used. Intelligentization is also the key development direction of home decoration in the future. Furniture, doors and windows, lighting appliances, electrical appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances, etc. in the home will be configured accordingly and intelligently according to the different needs of different users at different times to meet the needs of modern people.
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