Nordic minimalist lighting advocates tradition and fashion innovation

by:Saintly     2021-06-11
The Nordic style emphasizes functionality, and the design is 'people-orientedIt has several characteristics: 1. Concise and to the point. Simplicity is the essence of Jingying's Nordic minimalist Saintly Lightingstyle design. No patterns and patterns are used at all, only lines and color blocks are used to distinguish decorations. So it's very simple and clear. 2. Color. Color is a symbol of vitality. The Nordic minimalist style of Saintly Lightingis good at using large areas of bright solid colors, light colors and wood to match to create a comfortable living atmosphere. And black and white general color, usually used as the main color or important decorative color. 3. Wood. Wood is the soul of interior decoration. In order to promote indoor heat insulation, the Nordic people used many logs with good heat insulation properties, and basically did not carry out fine processing during the interior decoration process, thus largely retaining the original color and texture of the wood. 4. Minimalism. Minimalism ranges from simple to extreme, simple and concise in feel, elegant in taste and thought, and provide a pleasant and relaxing visual experience. Minimalism originated in the 1850s and mainly appeared in the field of painting. It chooses the simplest structure, saved material, simple shape and clean surface treatment. The minimalist style is subtracting, minimizing design elements, colors, lighting, raw materials, etc., aiming to pursue a simple and relaxed life state. In Nordic style home design, Nordic minimalist Saintly Lightingusually has a typical expression of minimalism. From simple furniture to simple lifestyle, purity has become the pursuit of many people. The home of minimalism allows urbanites to return to authenticity, talk to the soul, and find their own spiritual place in many cities.
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