Nordic minimalist lighting brings a simple aesthetic and romantic feeling

by:Saintly     2021-06-10
Simple lighting always feels practical and durable, but today when the simplicity of 'Less is More' prevails, creating a romantic and beautiful atmosphere is not the specialty of gorgeous and complicated lighting. Nordic minimalist Saintly Lightingdesign lamps can also be equipped with Gives a simple aesthetic and romantic feeling, let's enjoy the aesthetic and romantic in simplicity along with the Nordic minimalist lighting. If the Nordic space full of warmth and peace is added with tough metal elements, what kind of visual impact will it bring? This is a two-storey apartment located in Sweden. It was converted from an abandoned workshop building. The space of 146 square meters is full of excitement. Outside the building is a dense forest. The vibrant green plants in spring make the interior look full of vitality, while the white snow in winter shows the warmth of the interior. The walls and ceilings have chosen pure white tones, which look clean and thorough under good lighting. The wooden floor with color splicing runs through the entire interior, creating a warm and comfortable Nordic tone. The gray sofa and the beautifully lined coffee table are simple and textured, and the modern and simple dining chandeliers full of styling and the exaggerated pattern carpet make the simple and elegant space also wonderful. The black frame metal glass door divides the kitchen and restaurant area, and the good light permeability makes the connection between the functional areas closer. The rounded dining table and chairs are placed against the glass wall. The Nordic minimalist lighting can also be enjoyed while enjoying the food. Appreciating the natural beauty outside the house, the geometric carpets not only play a role in warming the space, but also make the division of functional areas clear. The kitchen is located in the corner of the space. The large-capacity white storage cabinets solve the problem of placing home appliances and sundries. The white bricks create a refreshing and concise visual effect. The Nordic minimalist lighting uses white metal grids as the guardrail of the stairs, which plays a safety role, while allowing light and air to continue to pass unimpeded, and the red-toned countertops bring the sweetness of life. People living in a busy city seem to have a little yearning for the original atmosphere. The designer uses a lot of natural materials in the interior, the wooden floor with natural texture, the coffee table made of logs, the black storage table behind the sofa, and the light from multiple fans. The windows spilled into the room, let these natural elements exude a more comfortable and warm atmosphere. The smoky gray fabric sofa and the black TV background wall are individually customized by the designer. The materials are hand-woven and painted with black paint. The mix and match of materials and three-dimensional patterns demonstrate uniqueness and fashion. On the other wall, rough wood-grain patterned wallpapers and exaggerated character decoration paintings bring a wild charm with a sense of primitiveness.
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