Nordic minimalist lighting has more market value

by:Saintly     2021-06-10
The Nordic style emphasizes functionality, and the design is 'people-orientedIt has several characteristics: 1. Concise. Simplicity is the essence of Nordic minimalist style design. There is no pattern and pattern decoration at all, and only lines and color blocks are used to distinguish the embellishment. So it's quite simple and concise. 2. Color. Color is a symbol of vigorous vitality. The Nordic minimalist style is good at using large areas of bright solid colors and light tones and wood tones to create a comfortable living atmosphere. And black and white, universal colors, are often used as the main colors or important embellishments. 3. Wood. Wood is the soul of interior decoration. In order to facilitate indoor thermal insulation, the Nordic people used a large number of logs with good thermal insulation performance and basically not finely processed during interior decoration, and retained the original color and texture of the wood to the greatest extent. 4. Minimalist. Minimalism is simple to the extreme, simple and clean in the senses, elegant in taste and thought, and a pleasant and relaxing visual experience. In the Nordic-style home design, LED lights often have a typical manifestation of minimalism. From simple furniture to simple lifestyle, sophistication has become the pursuit of many people. The minimalist home allows urbanites to return to the truth, talk to their hearts, and find a home for their hearts in the complex city. Minimalism has never been known until today it has become the mainstream style of Chinese design circles, so much so that the design types adopted by many designers in China today are basically all minimalist styles. At this time, minimalism represents The elegant, tasteful, and modern posture is completely accepted by the domestic market and has become the mainstream design style in China today, and it has become a fashion. When the reporter asked about the brand positioning and product advantages, the brand positioning is to make the Nordic minimalism LED modern lights to the extreme. As for product advantages, it is also very prominent. First of all, Nordic minimalist Saintly Lightinghas the advantages of high luminous efficiency, never changing color, low power consumption, long service life, safe and reliable performance, no glare, no ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, low noise, and environmental protection. And by virtue of excellent quality, it has successively passed CE certification, 3C certification, GS certification and other certifications, and successfully established an electric light source laboratory, forming a quality inspection standard and process that is in line with Europe and the United States. Secondly, all products are produced in molds, and bulk purchases reduce costs; continuous Ru0026D and innovation ensure the pure European design pedigree of the products and enhance the high-end products. In addition, product intelligence is also a goal that has been pursued. At present, smart products that can dimming and color, voice control, segmentation, scenes, etc. have been introduced in export products.
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