Nordic minimalist lighting is full of summer country dreams

by:Saintly     2021-06-10
1. In terms of material, the bulb mouth of ordinary incandescent lamps is made of white iron, which is easy to rust. Better quality lamps are usually made of aluminum alloy. Most of our materials are made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful in appearance, durable and not easy to rust. 2. In terms of filament, the better lamp is usually double tungsten filament, and LED light source is currently the most common light source. Nordic minimalist Saintly Lightingis the best choice for durability and overall appearance. Dine Forest Domi specializes in LED light sources. 3. Brightness The brightness of LED lights is much greater than that of ordinary tungsten bulbs, and the wattage is large enough to save energy without consuming electricity. 4. Price When buying a light bulb, it is not only cheap, because the quality is absolutely proportional to the price. As the saying goes, you can buy it if you have money. 5. In terms of certification, it depends on whether the product has 3C certification and its content is reviewed. More than ten years ago, people made concrete floors during renovation because they were cheap. Later, when people's living conditions are improved, they will naturally pursue higher-quality wooden floors, ceramic tiles, etc. In today's era, cement has a tendency to make a comeback. The reason may be a way of expressing personality. Many people think that the cement floor is too earthy, but I think if matched correctly, it will actually be cool. The Nordic style, LOFT style, industrial style, etc. truly conform to the concrete floor. Cement floor + large white wall, the splicing of two color blocks creates a natural and simple atmosphere. The paintings with black and white images, green plants and original chairs are integrated in the same space, and the colors are not prominent. But after seeing it, it can make people feel peaceful. The dark gray ground extends from the front, without gaps and borders, and is a complete whole. Compared with floors and tiles, this kind of integrity may only be achieved with cement. The concrete floor and brick wall are a perfect match, and the roughness is very simple, showing a strong LOFT style. Let us have a special dinner here in a spacious room with a wooden table and a few wooden chairs! Not only the ground can be made of cement, but also tables, chairs, beams and columns can be made of cement. When the old-fashioned cement elements and Nordic minimalist Saintly Lightingblend together to show a new way of expression, what about life at the intersection of the new and the old? Many people think that cement is substandard. I think this may be a matching problem. Sometimes cement floors are used to create Scandinavian style or industrial style, but they have no solidity. Especially when cement and metal elements collide together, it seems that sparks can really be drawn. The stairs leading to the second floor, the beams that cross the ceiling and the storage shelves against the wall, all of which are more deserted against the background of the concrete floor. This is a loft bedroom full of rustic charm. The Nordic minimalist lighting on the cement floor is simple and clear. It is equipped with a pure wooden double bed, small hooks and mirror frames. You can see the beautiful scenery of green plants outside the window, weaving summer The atmosphere is country dream.
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