Nordic minimalist lighting is welcomed by many consumers

by:Saintly     2021-06-11
The Nordic minimalist lighting business is in daily life. Judging from the history of global industrial design development trends, there is still a big gap between my country's lighting design and developed countries. design should belong to the category of industrial design. For example, automobiles and electrical appliances should belong to the category of industrial design. There is a term in industrial design called human-computer interaction, which is the communication and experience of human-computer interaction. The comfort of the sitting person, the efficiency of the driving operation, etc. The same is true for Saintly Lightingdesign. Excellent lighting design products can make emotional changes between people and lights, rather than being isolated. This is also a concept that has always been adhered to, that is to say, home Saintly Lightingand home decoration are integrated. Function and family art are linked together and become a harmonious unity between people and living environment. This idea is attributed to daily communication with foreign architects and industrial designers. In foreign countries, designers from Europe and other developed countries, especially architectural designers, are responsible for overall architectural design, interior design, and even furniture design, including lighting and lighting design. The whole process is to ensure the relevance and perfection of the architectural design style. Scandinavian minimalist lighting design is now only a passive part of architectural design. At the level of market division of labor and management, many links related to architectural design are unilaterally divided into many industries. In fact, from the perspective of artistic structure, they all serve the entire architectural art and family culture business. Nordic minimalist lighting is an art closely related to architectural decoration style and the trend of the times. Among the various schools of classicism, neoclassicism, pastoral romanticism and modern simplicity, modern simplicity lighting keeps the pulse of the times and integrates into fashion trends, and is welcomed by many lighting consumers. Modern and simple lighting has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, long-lasting color, low power consumption, long service life, safe and reliable performance, no glare, no ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, low noise, and environmental protection. And successfully established an electric light source laboratory, forming a quality inspection standard and technology in line with Europe and the United States. Many brands have followed this popular trend and launched modern and minimalist style lighting products. 1. Ordinary material The bulb opening of the Nordic minimalist lighting is made of white iron, which is easy to rust. Better quality lamps are usually made of aluminum alloy. 2. The lamp with a better filament is usually a double tungsten lamp, and now the most common one is an LED light source. The durability and overall appearance of Nordic minimalist lighting is your choice. 3. Brightness The brightness of modern simple lighting far exceeds that of ordinary tungsten bulbs. High-power lighting is sufficient and can save energy without consuming power. 4. Price As the saying goes, don't just buy cheap lamps when buying lamps, because the quality and price are absolutely proportional, so it is reasonable to pay for the products.
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