Nordic minimalist lighting makes the settlement space feel warm and bright

by:Saintly     2021-06-10
It is simple and elegant, concise and quite internal. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why many people love the Nordic style, and the lighting fully reflects this characteristic. In the Nordic style space, apart from opening the big windows to usher in the sun, the overall planning of the Nordic minimalist lighting is often based on the mixed application of ceiling lamps, small table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, track spotlights, etc. The settlement space creates a feeling of warmth and light. Nordic houses generally choose not to make ceilings. Naturally, some old houses are likely to conceal the messy old structure, and some new apartment buildings are likely to conceal the ventilation ducts, water pipes and power circuits, and some ceilings will be partly built, but Under normal circumstances, the ceiling can be suspended or suspended. There is no fancy ceiling, and the ceiling lights also choose simple and powerful design. From the material point of view, whether it is paper plate, metal material, plastic or laminated glass, the ceiling lamp is not easy to be excessively exaggerated, only one of the interesting decorations in the space. Scandinavian style and Scandinavian minimalist Saintly Lightingsometimes appear cross-shaped, and it does not seem to have complicated design, but the processing technology has been carefully considered, and it is very light and easy to use. Simple Nordic home furnishings that coexist with fashion trends, matched with design style Saintly Lightingfixtures with a sense of age, can improve the overall sense of hierarchy. When choosing lighting fixtures, consider the materials used in the overall space and the requirements of the users. Wood lighting In the selection of Nordic minimalist lighting, the Nordic style is refreshing and the original material is emphasized. It is suitable for Saintly Lightingwith simple design and matching flavor, such as white, gray, and black wood lighting. In the Nordic style space with lighter metal lighting, if laminated glass and iron fittings are made, you can consider choosing Nordic minimalist lighting with similar layers. In addition, there are many geometrical elements in the Nordic style decoration design, and lighting is not excluded. For example, the lighting fixtures that connect metal materials into various geometric shapes are simply embedded in the middle. A fluorescent lamp can create a simple Nordic style.
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