Nordic minimalist lighting makes the whole bedroom full of soft temperament

by:Saintly     2021-06-11
Different colors give people different feelings. For painting walls, different colors of latex paint should be selected according to needs and conditions. White: Most walls are painted white. Since white does not absorb sunlight and is highly reflective, it makes the room look clean, spacious and bright, and is more suitable for small or dark living rooms. Light orange: The reflected light is more than the absorbed light, giving people a feeling of warmth, pleasure, excitement and warmth. Suitable for winter use. If it is lighter, it is suitable for all seasons. Red: Strong irritation, usually not suitable for painting a room. However, if you apply a very light pink paste on the walls, and then add some simple chandeliers in a more modern style, the whole room will have a warm atmosphere; decorating the new wedding house with red internal latex paint will be even more Lively. Light blue or light green: The former gives people a refreshing feeling, while the latter gives people a sense of quiet and peaceful. When painting the walls, please pay attention to the coordination of the color of the wall with the color of the furniture, furniture and furnishings. In addition, the color of the interior should not be limited to one color, but should gradually reduce the color of the roof, walls and ground, just like the transition of the natural environment: light blue sky, dense green fields, light yellow brown, dark brown soil of. Which lamp is better for the bedroom? In fact, there is no uniform standard answer. No matter which kind of lamp you choose, it must be determined according to the needs of actual users. For example, Nordic minimalist Saintly Lightingis used to illuminate the entire room, bedside table lamps can fill the entire bedroom with a soft temperament, and night lights can greatly promote night activities. For those who like to read, it is more appropriate to choose Nordic minimalist lighting. I would like to remind you that the more lights you have in your home, the better. Good will only appear very confusing. Among different types of lamps, the most important thing is the matching function. Different colors of light can meet the needs of different functions and environments. When decorating a bedroom, you can consider designing two sets of Saintly Lightingsystems. However, there is no need to open it at the same time during specific use. After all, the yellow and white scenes in the bedroom not only destroy the beauty, but also fail to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. The solution to this problem is to divide the type of light according to the Nordic minimalist Saintly Lightingitself. For example, when you need to fill up the light during the day, you can turn on the ceiling light or 'modern chandelier.' To create a warm atmosphere at night, turn on the soft table lamps and floor lamps. Another solution is to choose some 'light luxury' style lamps according to the bedroom decoration style. The color is lighter and matches the overall style. The important thing is that you can choose several lights with unlimited dimming, which can be dimmed at any time. , Can change warm light, white light, neutral light. The advantage of choosing a modern light bulb with a bulb shape is that you can change the shape at will. There are many modern lights that can be combined, rotated and assembled at will. It will not make people feel the same, but a lamp can often see different shapes, and will not feel bored or even visual fatigue!
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