Regarding the selection of custom lighting manufacturers, two tips you don’t know

by:Saintly     2021-06-11
There are many custom lighting manufacturers on the market, but as the competition in the lighting market becomes more and more fierce, the space for us to choose becomes larger, and the difficulty of selection is gradually increasing. Friends who do not have relevant selection experience often do not know how to make a choice. . The following is about the selection of custom lighting manufacturers, and I will teach you two tips that you don't know. I hope it will be helpful to everyone's selection.

1. Good design communication
First of all, we need to understand the design strength of customized lighting manufacturers, because the professionalism of the design team often determines whether the other party can clearly understand our customized needs and realize the customized lighting we want. At this time, we must communicate with the other party’s designer, clearly tell the other party about their customization requirements, let the other party understand what we want, and in the follow-up, we also need to continue to communicate with the designer and make continuous changes. So that the final lamp can meet the requirements we want.

2. Criteria for selecting manufacturers
When choosing a custom lamp manufacturer, we also need to choose carefully, because the strength of the manufacturer also determines the quality of the custom lamp. Nowadays, there are many different manufacturers on the market, but one thing to know is that the customization strength of each manufacturer is different, and the finished products made by a good manufacturer will be more high-quality. And we need to identify such manufacturers and choose them. We can make judgments from the market reputation, price and after-sales service, customization strength, selection of Saintly Lightingmaterials, etc., and select a custom lighting manufacturer that is most suitable for us.

The above is to introduce to you two tips for selecting custom lighting manufacturers. I wonder if you have learned it? In fact, when selecting manufacturers, in addition to the above points, we can also find local portals on the Internet to search for more popular lighting manufacturers. This is also a good way to quickly find suitable brands.
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