Requirements and steps for custom lighting

by:Saintly     2021-06-05
Custom-made lamps are also a good way to purchase. In recent years, many places like designers to design lamps, such as hotels, KTVs, restaurants and other high-end places. Because ordinary lamps can not meet the needs of customers. Custom lamps can create romantic and unique Saintly Lightingeffects, which are also very in line with the characteristics of the place. Custom lights have the following three requirements.

Before custom lighting
First, choose a suitable radiator for the lamp. The degree of heat dissipation of the lamp beads has a great influence on the lighting effect and service life of the lamp. If it is too dark, the lighting effect is not enough. The current design of this kind of lamps adopts an integrated heat dissipation method, using a single lamp bead for heat dissipation and an external fan for heat dissipation. Moreover, the size of the radiator and the quality of the design material have a certain impact on the heat dissipation effect.

When customizing lamps
Also check the power supply of this kind of lamps. The quality of this component also has a great influence on the overall life of the lamp. If the power supply is good, it also has a decisive effect on the use time of the lamp beads. If the power supply is not good, the brightness of the lamp will also be affected, or even if it is not bright. stand up.

Before choosing the ceiling lamp
We must choose a good brand. The quality of good brand lamp beads is also very good, which can bring good lighting effects. Therefore, you can't be greedy to choose those cheap lamp beads, some big European and American brands are worth choosing, and the production process of these brands is relatively guaranteed.

The following is the process of customizing lamps.
1. When customizing lamps, the customer and the designer must first make full contact and communication, and inform the designer of their hobbies and style characteristics, so that the designer will make a reasonable decision based on the actual situation of the room Customized lighting solutions.
2. At the same time, the designer can take the customer to visit the custom-made lighting sample exhibition hall, and then inspect the manufacturing process of the lighting, and communicate with consumers the current trend. After communication, when the designer has a general understanding of the customer's needs, the next step is to determine the preliminary plan for custom lighting, and then ask the customer to confirm it after the design is completed.
3. The designer visits the door to measure the position and size of the lamp, such as the installation position and placement of the lamp, and the designer accurately calculates the position of the lamp from a multi-directional perspective. At the same time, pay attention to the matching of the custom-made lamps with the surrounding furniture, decorations or pendants, in line with the color matching changes and visual changes.
4. The designer can draw a reasonable design drawing based on the on-site measurement results, and then communicate with the customer about the preliminary plan. For the dissatisfaction, the designer can ask the designer to change until the customer is satisfied.
5. In the process of custom-made lamps, manufacturers and customers should discuss the material and surface treatment of lamps and lanterns. After the customization is successful, the manufacturer should invite the customer to accept on-site.
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