Set the tone, how to choose living room lamps

by:Saintly     2021-06-08
1. Living room lighting type

1. Main light

The main light is used for overall lighting and provides a large area of u200bu200blight in the living room. Generally, a generous and bright chandelier or ceiling lamp should be used. The lampshade should be upward and the light should be towards the ceiling. The reflected light will make people feel more relaxed and soft. The warm-toned light source can better highlight the warmth and harmony of the family atmosphere.

2. Auxiliary lights

The living room should be equipped with a variety of auxiliary Saintly Lightingat the same time to provide local lighting to enhance the level of light, emphasize details and interesting points, and highlight taste and personality. Generally, wall lamps, spotlights, table lamps, floor lamps, etc. are small in size Of lamps.

   2. Points for purchasing living room lamps and lanterns

1. The height and size of the living room

If the living room exceeds 20 square meters and the floor height is above 2.7 meters, it is advisable to choose a larger multi-head chandelier; for the living room with lower height and smaller area, it is advisable to choose a ceiling lamp.

2. Lamp size

The living room is the main place for relaxation and communication. If the space is more spacious, you can choose chandelier lighting with novel appearance and luxurious shape; if the living room is narrow and small, it is more suitable to use ceiling lights.

3. matching

The living room is the largest leisure space in the home. For better lighting, floor lamps, wall lamps, downlights, etc. can be used locally for matching lighting.

4. Lamp style

The style of lamps and lanterns should be consistent with the decoration style of the living room at home, otherwise it will appear out of place and affect the overall home decoration effect.

5. Light tone

According to the overall color tone of the living room is warmer or colder, choose the heating and cooling of the main lamp and auxiliary lamp accordingly.

6. Lamp shape

The shape of the lamp must be coordinated with the size and style of the living room, and secondly, it must strive for elegance and avoid luxury.

   3. What size is suitable for the living room lamp?

1. Small living room of 10-15 square meters

10-15 square meters of living room, because the space is not large, the size of the lamps should not be too large, a diameter of 60cm is enough, otherwise choosing too large lamps will make the whole space appear uncoordinated, giving people a feeling of depression .

2. 15-20 square meter living room

The living room of about 15-20 square meters has a slightly larger area. In order to ensure the lighting effect, you can consider a larger lamp. A lamp with a diameter of 70cm is a good choice.

3. A living room of 20-30 square meters

For a living room of about 20-30 square meters, it is recommended to buy a lamp with a diameter of 80cm. The appearance of the lamp of this size is more variable, and it can have more complex and diverse shapes.

4. Living room above 30 square meters

When the living room area reaches more than 30 square meters, it is usually a large apartment or villa. In order to enhance the Saintly Lightingeffect, you can choose a lamp with a diameter of 1m. The appearance should be more atmospheric and exquisite, so as not to make the whole space look small.

5. How high is the lighting in the living room?

The Saintly Lightingeffect is best when the light source is about 2.3 meters above the ground. If the space is about 2.5 meters, the height of the lamp itself is preferably about 20 cm. The ceiling lamp with a small thickness can achieve a good overall lighting effect.

   Fourth, the style of living room lamps and lanterns

1. Modern and simple style

In the modern minimalist style living room, most of the lamps selected should be designed with concise design and prominent geometric figures. Ceiling lights are more suitable for living rooms with small areas, and have become the choice of young people.

2. Nordic IKEA style

The Nordic IKEA style emphasizes minimalism, is functional and close to nature, and is mostly white, gray, and wood colors. Therefore, it is best to choose white in the selection of lamps, without too much decoration, and focus on simplicity and practicality. .

3. Chinese ancient style

Chinese-style decoration is generally the choice of literati and inkmen, focusing on practicality. Both ceiling lamps and chandeliers are full of Chinese ancient characteristics, noble and elegant without losing the moderation and generosity, giving people a sense of calm and comfort.

3. Luxurious European style

European-style home decoration, the general living room area is large, giving people a feeling of gorgeous and noble, so it is best to choose crystal lamps that are extremely exquisite in shape and have complex designs to create a dignified and elegant feeling.
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