Small spotlights are very different, how to choose and install spotlights

by:Saintly     2021-06-08
Spotlight is a highly condensing lamp. Its light irradiation can specify a specific target. The tones are pure white, light gray, black, gold, silver, beige, etc., and are mainly used for special lighting; its shape is long and round. It has different shapes and sizes, but the whole is exquisite and small. It is usually used for decoration in a combined form. It is placed around the ceiling, on the upper part of the furniture, in the wall, in the skirt or skirting, and has a variety of wonderful effects.

   One, buy spotlights

When choosing spotlights, we focus on the appearance grade and the light and shadow effects produced. Because they are typical decorative lamps, the brightness can not be considered too much, but the following points should be considered:

There are two types of spotlights: low-voltage and high-voltage. It is best to choose low-voltage spotlights, which have a longer life and higher light efficiency;

Spotlights have various color temperatures. Choose the appropriate color temperature when purchasing. Generally, low color temperature spotlights are needed when illuminating dark objects, while light-colored objects need high color temperature spotlights;

3. Since spotlights are generally embedded in the ceiling or wall to enhance the Saintly Lightingof decorations, they will emit higher temperatures during work, so you must buy high-quality products to eliminate safety hazards as much as possible;

   2. Spotlight layout

The spotlight has a small illumination range and high intensity. It can form a point-to-surface contrast with general large-area floodlights, and can produce a dynamic effect of starlight flashing. It is used as the finishing touch of the modeling ceiling.

2. The spotlight casts the light on the part of the wall, and the light reflects on the wall to produce a sense of hierarchy. The bright and relaxed light trail can create a dreamy and ideal environment.

In order to make reasonable use of the corners, it is recommended to set a spotlight on the corner combined with the top shape, and place a craft flower stand (or handicrafts, greening, etc.) underneath. This will make the corner space look very elegant and effectively solve the problem of corner treatment .

If the room is dark, the place where some handicrafts and calligraphy and paintings are placed may not have the ideal light. Therefore, it is necessary to install special Saintly Lightingspotlights for exquisite works of art. The warm-color Saintly Lightingof the spotlight will make the handicraft theme bright, strong texture, and outstanding light and shadow effects.

5. If you want to highlight the characteristics of a piece of art, spotlights can be installed in the top, bottom, left, and right directions. For example, to reflect the height of a figure sculpture, the spotlight can be illuminated from diagonally downwards upwards For crafts, if you want to express its mystery, you can illuminate the spotlight from the left or right side.

   3. Spotlight installation

When installing the spotlight, the transformer is generally installed in the hole, there is no unsafe problem, and the ceiling has a large space and good heat dissipation.

Plan to reserve spotlight positions

The spotlight installation method is mainly embedded installation. Generally, the line is reserved according to the decoration plan, so that the decoration workers can make a hole in the ceiling, and reserve an empty slot for the spotlight appropriately.

2. Spotlight connection

Install the base at the empty slot of the spotlight, pull out the wire, and fix the screw. Connect the wire head, and don't forget the insulation treatment, and finally install the spotlight part.

   Fourth, spotlight installation precautions

1. Note that the spotlight circuit needs to be installed with a transformer

Although the spotlight saves energy, has high brightness, and has a strong decorative effect, it also has disadvantages that cannot be ignored, that is, the voltage is unstable and easy to explode. Therefore, when installing spotlights, a transformer must be installed to effectively prevent explosions.

Choose the spotlight according to the depth of the lamp hole

The depth of the lamp hole is due to the height of the ceiling. This depth must be able to put the spotlight. If it is not enough, the lamp cannot be installed. Therefore, when you are on the ceiling, you must consider what kind of spotlight is easy to use.

2. Pay attention to install spotlights appropriately

The selection of lamps and lights must be appropriate, especially spotlights. If you blindly pursue the number of spotlights, light pollution will be formed, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal decorative effect. At the same time, excessive placement of spotlights, It is more likely to cause fire hazards.
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