Some issues that we need to pay attention to when customizing hotel lamps

by:Saintly     2021-06-06
Some issues that we need to pay attention to when customizing hotel lamps

Hotel lamps are generally difficult to find in the lighting market that fits their desired style, so many hotels like to customize hotel lamps and lanterns, as long as they are customized to achieve the desired effect of the hotel. The customized lamps can not only fit the style of the hotel but also better show the charm of the hotel. In order to ensure the successful blooming of lamps and lanterns, all aspects must be considered, especially the following aspects cannot be ignored.

1. The harmony between the hotel environment and lamps

designers can increase communication with interior designers, focusing on expressing the hotel’s unique charm and reconciling differences, designing suitable lighting effects for the hotel environment, and satisfying the characteristics of the guests’ preferences. Let the guests staying in the hotel’s charm and intoxicated by the hotel’s embrace.

Two, the material of the lamp

The quality assurance of hotel lighting comes from the choice of lighting materials. For example, LED chip lamps are the most popular nowadays. Under normal operating conditions, they have longer service life than other materials, but at room temperature of 45 degrees and chip temperature exceeding 65 degrees , The service life will be greatly reduced. Huaguang recommends that you must make a request for the material when customizing the lamp. If you use inferior materials, the disadvantages may not be so obvious in a short time. Long-term use will cause color loss and polarization, which will directly affect the service life of the lamp and shorten the cycle of lamp replacement.

Three, environmental protection and energy saving of lamps and lanterns

In hotel lighting design, there are sometimes many lamps used, and it is possible to think about the use of variable lighting and control methods to achieve energy-saving effects. Use natural light as much as possible and reduce the use of artificial light. According to the importance of different spaces in the hotel and different places, set up different situations, establish different Saintly Lightingcalibrations, and reduce the power consumption of lamps and lanterns. While saving energy, it can achieve the most complete lighting effect of lamps and lanterns.

Fourth, the safety of lamps and lanterns

Hotels usually install relatively large-scale lamps in the lobby and important places, and the flow of people is relatively large. The weight of large lamps is much heavier than ordinary lamps, so when customizing lamps, its safety is the most important element of hotel lighting.

Five, the price of lamps and lanterns

The price of custom lamps directly determines the level of hotel lighting, and the prices of lamps at the same level are basically the same. There may be slight biases due to the differences in the manufacturing process of the manufacturers. But if the price difference is too great, there may be a problem with this lamp. Therefore, customized Saintly Lightingshould choose a strong and well-reputed lighting manufacturer to ensure the quality of the lighting.

From the above points, it can be seen that the usual custom-made lamps are no longer just as simple as the original style, and there are more problems and requests. In order to keep the guests staying, the hotel should not blindly pursue low prices when customizing lamps. Instead, it is to create a suitable lamp with characteristics of the occupants, safety first, and strict material control as the first request, so that the Saintly Lightingcan add a common style to the hotel!
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