Some materials commonly used in non-standard custom lighting and related introductions

by:Saintly     2021-05-27
Some materials commonly used in non-standard custom lighting and related introductions

Various lightings on the market are called differently, distinguished from the main materials of the lighting, and can be divided into marble lamps, crystal lamps, ceramic lamps, fabric lamps and so on. Because the materials of the lighting are different, the characteristics are also different.

Crystal lamp: It is mainly made of processed crystal, and its lamp arm is mainly glass, acrylic and metal. Among them, the copper lamp arm is used for a long time and is not easy to oxidize and change color. The acrylic lamp arm is easy to change color and yellow after using for a long time. The glass arm has a long use time but is fragile. Chrome-plated metal is easy to oxidize and change color.

Marble lamps: lamps made of marble imported from Spain. There are two types of imports, one is the import of waste products, and the other is the import of high-quality materials. The former is more expensive, and the Spanish marble lamp has the unique heaviness of natural stone. Domestic custom-made Saintly Lightinggenerally imitates marble materials. Imitated marble materials must not only have the quality of natural stone, natural patterns, and vivid colors, but also ensure the lack of environmental protection and health. Although there were some shortcomings limited by technology in the early days, with the improvement of production technology, its high-end image is not inferior to that of natural stone, and it is even better because of the variety of colors and rich texture. Compared with radiation pollution, imitation marble not only has no radioactivity, but also avoids the shortcomings of uneven intensity of natural marble.

Ceramic lamp: Ceramic lamp is a lamp made of ceramics. Ceramic lamps have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, light absorption and heat absorption. Because of the use of thin ceramics, the lamp is very light. Most of the lamp stands are made of wood, which are generally suitable for Chinese style. If furniture such as mahogany is used in the home, ceramic lamps will work well.

Fabric lamp: In addition to design, the main value of fabric lamp lies in fabric art. There are two types of fabrics imported from abroad and domestically produced, and the prices of the two are quite different. Due to the flame-retardant treatment, the cloth on the lamp is resistant to high temperature and heat, and safety is guaranteed.

The traditional fabric lamp makes people feel gentle and warm. But in practice, in addition to creating a warm and romantic atmosphere, fabric lamps can also use colors such as black silk and other materials such as glass crystal to create an alternative, individual and modern atmosphere. Lamps made of other materials, such as glass lamps, are crystal clear, but they are fragile and limited in appearance. It is best to choose the right one when choosing lighting, don't consciously lean towards a certain lighting!
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