Talk about the application of high-efficiency and energy-saving light sources for modern lighting

by:Saintly     2021-05-29
With the development and application of the integration of lamps and lamps, the electronic technology of lighting lamps represented by electronic ballasts has developed rapidly, and various integrated devices and computer control systems have made significant progress in the application of lamps and lighting systems. , Lamps and lighting systems have been greatly improved in terms of dimming, remote control, and light color control. The dimming methods of modern lighting are more advanced, convenient and flexible than before. In addition to setting the dimming device and switch device in the lamp, it also uses an integrated infrared receiver or remote control dimming device to dim the light source. , Or use the computer to program the dimming. This dimming method is suitable for the current ceiling renovation, and the existing dimming system can simultaneously implement stepless dimming and delay Saintly Lightingfor less than ten different places. Use the scene selector to work with the light source and the low-voltage lighting system, and combine the flexible lighting design and multi-point control with the usual connections. This kind of scene dimmer and remote field controller can be installed in multiple ways and combined at will, suitable for meeting rooms, museums and other places, convenient, flexible, and effective in control. Using the computer remote control station and the indoor computer lighting control system, it can automatically change the state of the interior decoration lighting lamps according to the natural lighting level, day and night time and user requirements, and the parameter setting, change and monitoring of the entire lighting system can be realized through the screen. This control method is suitable for civilian facilities such as hotels and shopping malls. Consumer needs are constantly changing. To meet consumer requirements, lighting products must continue to retreat and bring forth new ones. With the continuous progress of modern lighting technology, the widespread use of new materials, new processes, and new technologies, as well as people’s in-depth research on various modern lighting principles and their use environments, have broken through the traditional concepts of simple lighting and brightening the environment in the past. It greatly enriches the expressiveness and beautification methods of modern lighting and lighting on the lighting environment. Modern lighting adopts computer-aided design. Through the design of the brightness of the lighting place, the light distribution curve requirements, the function and structure of the lamp, the lamp can meet the practical needs and maximize the effect of the light source, and pay more attention to the decorative appearance of the lamp. Aesthetic effects have formed four major trends in the development of modern lighting. Application of high-efficiency and energy-saving light sources In recent years, with the promotion of energy-saving lighting technology, the design of energy-saving lighting lamps has become a concern of lamp manufacturers, and they have realized that energy-saving light sources should be used first to promote high-efficiency and energy-saving lamps. The prerequisite of the lamp; secondly, the optical system of the lamp is carefully designed according to the size and shape of the energy-saving light source to improve the effective utilization rate and decorative effect of the lamp.
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