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by:Saintly     2021-05-29
As a home space with strong operability but small area, the requirements for lighting in the kitchen are 'simplicity and brighter'. Derived from German quality, Jingying with a century of lighting history, the new modern modern Saintly Lightingfor kitchen and bathroom launched this time, the design is derived from the modern integrated ceiling 'integrated' concept, which can effectively use the kitchen space. In terms of lighting experience, Jingying Modern has a special feature of high color rendering and luminescence, with a color rendering index of 80, which can better restore the true colors, fully display the true colors of the food, and add color to your food. At the same time, using Jingying high-performance LED chips, the light is more stable and uniform without stroboscopic, and the high luminous flux can illuminate farther and wider. The light will make the 'small' kitchen translucent and comfortable, which makes you more convenient and comfortable in the kitchen. In addition, according to the reality that the kitchen is prone to high temperature and greasy, Jingying Modern uses an aluminum back panel frame, which is dustproof and easy to clean, and heat dissipation is faster and safer, making cooking a real pleasure. Jingying modern lighting, according to the characteristics of the bathroom space, has a certain waterproof and anti-fog function, and has good insulation in a humid environment, making the lighting safer. In terms of styles, it follows the usual craftsmanship, is simple and generous, and can be matched with different bathroom styles and ceiling designs. In addition, Jingying lighting experts noticed that most of the bathroom decorations mostly use the color combination of 'low chroma and high brightness' (such as white or beige) to create a clean and refreshing atmosphere for the bathroom space. Therefore, the color temperature of modern modern lighting of Jingying kitchen and bathroom is 4000k, which is closer to natural light, and is consistent with the color of bathroom facilities and walls, so that the whole bathroom has a sense of harmony and unity. In addition, considering that the toilet is used more frequently at night, the lighting is frequently switched on and off. Therefore, many people worry about the service life of lamps. Jingying modern modern Saintly Lightingprovides a long-term use cycle of 25,000 hours, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, so you can use it with confidence. With the improvement of modern people's quality of life, the demand for 'high-quality, segmented' lighting is an inevitable trend. Jingying can carefully design a full range of home lighting products for customers, suitable for different life scenarios and define a new lighting experience. Energy saving: Energy-saving lamps are very popular with consumers. If the long-life energy-saving lamp uses 3LED core electricity, the brightness can be selected according to the needs. At the same time, the widespread use of new energy-saving bulbs has also become the mainstream technology of lighting products. Environmental protection: Environmental protection is a brand-new topic in the production technology of lamps and lanterns, which shows that people attach importance to the living environment of the living room. The relevant people believe that this is the main development direction of the future home lighting. The deodorizing mosquito repellent lamp produced by the ceiling fan lamp manufacturer uses pure natural biological enzymes to decompose toxic and odor technology. It can not only keep the air in the room, bathroom and kitchen fresh, but also combine with the artistic style full of fun to become the new favorite of lamps and households. . Luxurious appearance: The decorative lamps and lanterns of high-end office buildings, luxury hotels, restaurants and other public facilities are becoming more luxurious and high-end. The magnificent high-end chandelier, the charming crystal table lamp, the elegant white lotus lamp, the cold looking lamp and the mirror lamp add some interest to people's life. Advocating nature: to cater to people’s psychology of returning to simplicity and advocating nature. According to the survey, 30% of the lighting adopts natural design, such as plum blossom wall lamp, fish tail table lamp, peach-shaped lamp, horse and other small animal-shaped lamps, The use of various wooden art sculptures is no less than real crafts. The material of the lampshade is widely used in paper, wood, and gauze. The outside is carved with patterns such as Chang'e flying to the moon and fairy descending to the earth. The combination of art and practicality. High technology: Because electronic technology is widely used in the manufacture of lamps, there are more third-generation lighting lamps that can adapt to different voltages and can adjust the brightness. Lamps that can protect eyesight, such as non-strobe lamps, three-wavelength chromatogram adjustable lamps, and far-infrared red light emitting lamps, are also on the market.
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