Talk about why modern lighting should cater to the needs of young consumers

by:Saintly     2021-05-29
1. From the perspective of product styles, modern lamps are more in line with the aesthetic tastes of post-80s, post-90s and other major consumers. This is an era that shows individual artistic charm. The design style of modern lighting must closely follow the trends and demands of young consumers; 2 , Nowadays, the Nordic minimalist lighting is not only for lighting needs and beautifying products, but more importantly, adopting technology, through the reasonable design of the structure and function of the lamps, to meet the actual needs and maximize the performance of the light source; 3, and The integration of furniture design is a trend, and more and more designers are showing great interest in the overall design of furniture and lamps; 4. Modern lighting caters to the needs of young consumers and coincides with the development of e-commerce. In the future, Hyundai Lamps will enter the masses more through e-commerce platforms; 5. The combination of modern lighting will help Hyundai Lamps go further. The style of lighting should be coordinated with the home design. The style of lighting should be in line with the overall home design style. Of course, a good choice of lighting can also help luck. For example, classical lighting, with classical charm, simplicity and connotation, plays a role as a town house, and can help the owner's career; fashionable Saintly Lightingwith novel design and modern sense can help people progress. The role of accelerating money. The crystal Saintly Lightingis elegant and luxurious, and the stars are dazzling, which can play a role in prospering wealth and increasing the aura of Wang's home. It can eliminate the user's various power connectors, reduce the cumbersome installation, and achieve the purpose of improving lighting quality, high efficiency and energy saving and ensuring safety. Pay attention to the integration technology of lamps and lighting systems. The development of modern lighting dimming methods is more advanced, convenient and flexible than the previous ones. In addition to setting dimming devices and switch devices in the lamps, they also use integrated infrared receivers. Or a remote control dimming device for dimming the projection light source. This dimming method is very suitable for the existing ceiling renovation. In addition, the existing dimming system can simultaneously implement stepless dimming and delay lighting for more than 10 different places. Using electronic computer remote control and indoor computer lighting control system, it can automatically change the state of the light source of indoor decorative lighting according to the natural lighting degree, day and night time and user requirements, and the parameter setting, change and monitoring of the entire lighting system can be realized through the screen. In fact, the intensity of market competition in any industry today is self-evident. There are more opportunities in the home lighting market, which means greater market competition. At present, the market competition of home lighting is manifested in many aspects, including brand competition, product competition, capital competition, scale competition, etc. Among them, 'brand competition' is obvious and fierce. In brand competition, LED companies must not only face the competition of home lighting brands at the same level, but also beware of the 'grabbing' of home lighting brands at the front and back levels. However, in recent years, these three first-tier brands have all worked together in the field of home lighting, and market competition has become increasingly fierce. In addition, the competition of different levels of brands cannot be ignored. First-tier brands have an advantage in the mid-to-high-end market, but second-tier brands will also grab part of the home lighting market for first-tier brands through price concessions and quality improvement. It is worth noting that in recent years, the number of Nordic minimalist lighting has increased significantly, which means that more companies will share the 'cake' in the home lighting market, and brand competition has become fierce. In addition to the fierce Nordic minimalist lighting competition, product quality, financial strength, innovative design, and production scale among companies are all important competitive bargaining chips. In view of this, Jingying admitted frankly that the difficulty for the new brand to enter the home lighting market is conceivable.
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