Talking about the conditions that modern minimalist lighting design follows

by:Saintly     2021-06-05
Jingying modern simple Saintly Lightingconforms to the decoration style of modern young people, simple and lively, keeping up with the times, and deeply loved by young owners. Jingying uses new materials, new technology, and new technology to conduct in-depth research on various Saintly Lightingprinciples and their use environments, breaking through the traditional concepts of simple Saintly Lightingand brightening the environment, and launching simple, alternative, and fashionable modern lighting. Jingying lighting design follows the following conditions:   1. Modern simplicity:    simple but not simple, unique and smooth product outline design, scientific, rigorous and healthy lighting application, which enhances the freshness of lighting products, and the office space is no longer tight. It is no longer busy, but the harmonious unity of architectural space, daily work and people, highlighting the spirituality and uniqueness of the office space.  Second, avant-garde fashion:    avant-garde, bold original shape design, eclectic appearance and color matching, and introduction of bold and individual design concepts, making the overall product more avant-garde, fashionable, leading the trend, and expressing life propositions to the maximum. 3. Art concept:    artistic appearance design, high-tech product functions, and at the same time integrate the emotions and imagination of people in the new era, perfect creation of products full of artistic and moral concepts, and vividly create a new artistic life Experience. Four, technology and environmental protection:    scientific product structure design, humanized intelligent control system, to achieve a new sense of intelligent modern office space, is the perfect combination of lighting and modern high-tech applications, so that lighting is everywhere, so that the office free.  5. Luxury classic:    brand new and gorgeous product shape and appearance design, under the well-proportioned light transmission, the product as a whole reveals nobleness and grace, expressing a positive attitude towards life. A kind of taste and style, symbolizing dignity. Jingying lighting adopts computer-aided design. Through the design of the brightness of the lighting place, the requirements of the light distribution curve, the function and structure of the lamp, the lamp can meet the practical needs and maximize the effect of the light source, and pay more attention to the decoration of the appearance of the lamp. The aesthetic effect of sex has formed four popular trends in the development of modern lamps.
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