The appearance of modern lighting is as beautiful as possible, comfortable and durable

by:Saintly     2021-06-03
Modern lighting serves family life. From the perspective of the development history of global industrial design, there is still a big gap between China's Saintly Lightingdesign and developed countries in the world. design belongs to the category of industrial design, for example, automobiles, large and small electrical appliances belong to the category of industrial design. There is a term in industrial design called human-computer interaction, that is, the harmonious communication and user experience between humans and machines. For example, cars, the comfort of people sitting there, the convenience of driving operations, etc. The same is true for modern lighting design. Excellent Saintly Lightingdesign products are to make emotional changes between people and lights, not to separate and lose contact. This is also the philosophy that Michelin has always adhered to, that is, to combine home lighting with home lighting, link people's functions with home art, and become a harmonious whole between people and the living environment. These ideas benefited from daily communication with foreign architects and industrial designers. Modern lighting used to be, when people chose modern lighting, they usually focused on the lighting effects of lighting. Nowadays, when choosing lighting, people not only pay attention to the lighting effect of the lighting, but also pay attention to its appearance. Modern lighting design usually starts from the lighting effect, adopts computer-aided design, calculates the illuminance and light distribution curve of the lighting place, and then designs the structure, and then designs the product shape by the art designer, and the lamp is made by the owner to meet the functional requirements of the product. Under this premise, the appearance should be as beautiful as possible, comfortable and durable. First of all, modern lighting is more fashionable and elegant than ordinary lighting. Our relatively ordinary modern lighting mainly includes large-scale high-end chandeliers, crystal table lamps, white lotus lamps, magic mirror lamps, etc., all of which bring us all kinds of feelings. Nowadays, people's work and life pressures are relatively high, so people generally have the mentality of returning to the basics and advocating nature. In order to cater to people's psychology, modern lighting combines art and practicality, such as plum blossom wall lamp, fish tail lamp, peach lamp and other modeling lamps. It uses various wooden art sculptures, which are no less than real crafts. The material of the lampshade is widely used in paper, wood and yarn. The outer surface is engraved with patterns such as patterns of flying to the moon and fairies. Modern lighting has many advantages, one of the biggest advantages is that it is very environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and fully meets the requirements of modern people for a low-carbon life. Modern lighting uses high technology. Although the power of modern lamps is very low, their light output is much higher than that of incandescent lamps of the same power (such as energy-saving lamps). The widespread use of new energy-saving bulbs has become the mainstream of modern lighting products.
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