The application of modern lighting becomes more elegant

by:Saintly     2021-06-03
As far as the main Saintly Lightingis concerned, if the living room has a floor height of more than 3.5m, you can choose a high-grade chandelier or ceiling lamp with a slightly larger specification size: if the floor height is about 3m, it is appropriate to use a mid-range luxury chandelier: For those below 2.5m, it is advisable to use mid-range decorative ceiling lights or not use main lights.  In addition, use a separate modern lighting or floor lamp on one end of the sofa, so that indirect light is scattered throughout the sitting area for conversation or reading books and newspapers. You can also place a unique wall lamp at an appropriate position on the wall to make the wall shine. If there are murals, showcases, etc., invisible spotlights can be set up to embellish them. Placing a miniature low-illuminance incandescent lamp next to the TV can reduce the contrast between light and dark in the hall and help protect eyesight. The style and specifications of Jingying Modern are usually based on the actual size of the customer’s living room to choose the size of the lamp. Jingying’s editor has concluded through many lamp cases that the height of the living room of a house is generally between 2.5-3 meters, so the lamp should not exceed 1.2 meters, and for the villa living room with 4-5 meters empty, you should choose 1.5 The lamps above the meter look comfortable. At the same time, the height of the lamp body should not be lower than the diameter, otherwise it will be out of proportion and lack aesthetics. The interior space is decorated in a modern Saintly Lightingstyle, so naturally when choosing lamps, you can choose some new Chinese style lamps, and apply the new Chinese style lamps to the new Chinese style space, you can choose some new Chinese style features in the living room space The lamps are suspended. Because the living room has a large open space, you can hang some distinctive lamps, which can make the new Chinese style of the overall space more authentic. In addition, you can also place some floor lamps in a modern lighting style space. among. This allows modern lighting to light the entire interior space at different levels, making the Saintly Lightingof the entire space softer, and the new Chinese style will become more elegant due to the application of modern lighting.
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