The choice of home decoration lamps

by:Saintly     2021-06-08
1. Tips for selecting lamps in the living room   The living room generally uses generous and bright chandeliers or ceiling lamps as the main light, and deploys other auxiliary wall lamps, downlights, spotlights, etc. When choosing the main lighting, if the living room is more than 3.5 meters high, you should choose a high-grade chandelier or ceiling lamp with a larger specification size; if the living room has a floor height of about 3 meters, it is best to choose a mid-range luxury chandelier; if If the floor height is below 2.5 meters, it is best to use mid-range decorative ceiling lights instead of installing the main lights. If an independent desk lamp or floor lamp is placed in the living room, it is best not to let its light scatter throughout the sitting area.    If there are murals or display cabinets in the room, you can install invisible spotlights to embellish them; TV in the living room By the way, it is best to choose a miniature low-illuminance incandescent lamp, which can weaken the contrast between light and dark in the hall and help protect eyesight.  2. Tips for selecting lamps in the bedroom   The bedroom is a room for rest. It requires better privacy, so the light needs to be soft and should not be dazzling, so as to ensure that you can easily go to sleep. When dressing or disguising, it is necessary to evenly brighten the light. Therefore, in the bedroom, you can choose a ceiling lamp with low light as the basic lighting, and install a wall lamp on the wall and next to the vanity mirror; bedside lamps are equipped with bedside lamps. 3. Tips for selecting lamps in the study The environment of the study should be elegant, quiet, concise and lively, and the light is best to shine from the upper left, so it is very necessary to place a high-brightness but not dazzling desk lamp in front of the desk. At this time, it is best to choose an artistic table lamp, such as a rotating wall lamp or a dimming artistic table lamp. If the study has other functions, it is best to choose an opaque metal work lamp, so that the light can be concentrated on the desktop, which can satisfy the needs of learning without affecting other indoor activities.  4. Tips for choosing lamps and lanterns in restaurants  The focus of the restaurant is on the dining table, so the lighting generally uses hanging chandeliers, and the chandeliers should not be installed too high, just on the eye level of the diners. If you are using a rectangular dining table at home, you can choose to install two chandeliers or a long oval chandeliers. The chandeliers should preferably have a light and shade adjuster and a lifting function.   The ceiling and walls of the restaurant should also have sufficient light, otherwise it will directly affect the mood and appetite of the diners, so it is best to use spotlights or wall lamps to assist lighting here.  5. Tips for selecting lamps and lanterns in the kitchen   The lamps and lanterns used in the kitchen should be waterproof, oil-proof and easy to clean. Generally, it is necessary to select embedded or semi-embedded astigmatism ceiling lamps above the operating table. The embedded mask is preferably transparent glass or transparent plastic. A range hood is generally set above the stove, and there is an invisible small incandescent lamp in the hood for the stove to illuminate. Since some families double the kitchen as a dining room, a single-shade lift or single-layer multi-fork chandelier should be set above the dining table at this time. Pay attention to the coordination of the lighting colors, that is, the cool and warm colors depend on the use;    lighting should also be adapted to the height of the room. Generally speaking, if the height of the room is below 3 meters, do not choose long hanger chandeliers and pendants. High-degree crystal lamps are not safe because of this;    lighting should also be adapted to the area of u200bu200bthe room, and the area of u200bu200bthe Saintly Lightingshould not exceed 2% to 3% of the room area.    If the brightness is insufficient, the number of lights can be increased, otherwise It will affect the decorative effect;    the illumination direction of the lights and the intensity of the light should be appropriate. Only in this way can we eliminate eye fatigue, protect eyesight, protect health, improve work and study efficiency;   If you want to express a certain theme or want to set off a certain atmosphere, it is best to adopt a combination of main light and auxiliary light.  
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