The choice of hotel room lamps and hotel night lights

by:Saintly     2021-05-28
The choice of hotel room lamps and hotel night lights

The owners of contemporary hotels who really know how to operate know that the key to staying guests and winning repeat customers is the guest room. The hotel room lamps and bathrooms are more impressive to guests than the hotel’s exterior, lobby or other areas. The hotel room design is a simple design for many people, but it is not. The room design is the most important part of the hotel’s hardware service. It includes the hotel’s service concept, local cultural features, and the grade of the room reflected by the price. Ergonomics, carpet, wallpaper selection, furniture, hotel room lighting design or selection, curtain selection, lighting configuration, sanitary ware selection, etc., the so-called sparrow is small, but it has all the internal organs.

Culture and characteristics The building of 'home' guest rooms is the real destination of hotel guests. Even budget hotels should attach great importance to guest room design. Someone summed up a jingle for the investment strategy of budget hotels: 'five-star bed, four-star room, three-star hall, two-star wall.' It can be seen the items provided in the guest room, as well as the layout, space, atmosphere and bathroom of the guest room. The equipment and facilities, etc. can not be vague. The guest room is like the guest's 'home' after closing the door. 'The guest room is the guest's home in a foreign land'. This is not only a sales term, but also defines the functional design principles of the guest room accurately. The hotel guest room should be a private, relaxing, and comfortable place, a functional space that condenses many usage requirements such as rest, private office, entertainment, and business meetings.
To give full play to the main products and revenue of guest rooms, hotel designers, builders, and operators are required to innovate guest rooms in terms of characteristics, culture, and humanity, and break the mindset. Keep pace with the times, try to carry out non-standardized design and operation.

It is understood that China’s hotel industry has made great progress in architectural landscape and hotel room lighting. Many have reached the international design level, but there are still many hotels that have defects in guest room design, such as insufficient illumination in the reading area. China Building Decoration Association expert group expert Chu Menglan said: 'I am often invited to review design plans all over the country. Many times when I take the drawings to the hotel rooms and want to study the design cases quietly, I find that the rooms are The lights are too dim to meet the needs of reading at all.” In her opinion, in the Saintly Lightingdesign of hotel guest rooms, many designers do not take into account the function of reading, and cannot really meet the needs of customers. She suggested: 'The hotel design should meet the illuminance requirements of the guests in reading: the illuminance at the desk should be no less than 300lx, and the reading illuminance at the bedside should be no less than 150lx.'

Energy-saving Saintly Lightingneeds to be prudent, designing green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving guest rooms is a new pursuit of hotel guest room design. Guangzhou designer Li Nengjian said: “At this stage, there are too many energy-saving lamps, insufficient brightness, poor quality of the lamps, and failure to consider customer requirements in the design of hotel room lamps in hotel rooms.” More energy-saving lamps do not mean that it can be achieved. The role of energy saving, the hotel is a consumer place, the lighting of the guest room is also a consumer product, it is to meet the needs of the guests, the use of energy-saving lamps need to be cautious, otherwise it will affect the customer's impression of the hotel.
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