The demand for hotel engineering lighting customization in the market

by:Saintly     2021-05-28
There are many domestic hotel engineering lighting engineering manufacturers, and their quality, style, shape, etc. are uneven, causing their understanding of hotel engineering lighting products to be very confused. Therefore, when choosing hotel engineering lighting customization, they often encounter hotel engineering lighting products and practical design. Imagine a far different situation. If this situation is encountered, how should companies prevent and deal with it? Today, let's take a look first.  1. Hotel engineering lights refer to customized Saintly Lightingproducts suitable for specific lighting according to the practical needs of engineering projects to play a decorative role. Generally include hotel engineering hotel engineering lights, non-standard hotel engineering lights, club hotel engineering lights, KTV hotel engineering lights, villa hotel engineering lights, model room hotel engineering lights, lobby hotel engineering lights, outdoor hotel engineering lights and other customized hotel engineering lights. The characteristics are: customization, long production cycle, high production technology, strong professionalism, weak circulation, and high installation difficulty.  2. When working on a project, some lighting companies provide products that cannot fully meet my lighting design needs. This situation is also common. Therefore, I also often put forward some personal opinions and opinions on hotel engineering lights to lighting manufacturers from the perspective of lighting designers according to my own needs. Of course, for many times, those big domestic manufacturers will generally not accept my proposition, let alone change their products easily. However, other small manufacturers are more willing to accept my opinion and can quickly make new products based on our opinions. In my opinion, as long as their product quality is good, especially in terms of light distribution can be accurate, in this way, I will also recognize their products, and I am confident that they will do well and make refined lighting products in the future.  3. Have encountered a situation where the product does not match the demand and the company needs to revise it from scratch. We do more outdoor lighting, and we use many LED hotel engineering lights, and most of the LEDs are now customized products, and this situation often occurs.  The solution depends on the sincerity of both parties. If the manufacturer can take this responsibility and make corrections, then continue to collaborate. Or it is our responsibility, we will pay a certain fee appropriately; if the manufacturer is sophistic, then the contract will be terminated and we will find another. In order to avoid this situation as much as possible, we will go to the manufacturer to see the structure on the spot, and then make a small batch of samples, and then go to the spot to test the lights, let the owner approve, and then mass-produce it later. In this way, operating costs and the probability of product errors will be much lower.   For companies, an important policy is to satisfy customers' needs. Hotel engineering lighting customization manufacturers indicate that LED companies must adhere to their own brand and originality, and it is important to adhere to the bottom line of morality. Only competitors who adhere to principles are worthy of respect and can meet customer needs.  
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