The design of engineering lighting fixture's brightness to glare

by:Saintly     2021-06-07
Nowadays, engineering lighting fixtures are used in many indoor lighting fixtures, especially with the implementation of LED lighting technology, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly engineering lighting fixtures are becoming more and more popular. The brightness can be said to be an important factor of engineering lighting, the following is the impact of engineering lighting lighting on glare for us to analyze.   Compared with traditional fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, the appearance of engineering Saintly Lightingfixtures is higher, so the restriction on glare is more important. UGR index is the uniform glare index, which is generally used as an evaluation parameter of indoor glare, as shown in the following formula:    where: Lb represents the background brightness in cd/m2; L represents the brightness of the lamp, in cd/m2; ω Represents the solid angle formed by the light-emitting part of the engineering luminaire to the observer, in sr; p is the position index of each individual engineering luminaire.   Uniform glare index UGR is related to the influence of the size of the engineering lighting fixture, the appearance brightness of the fixture and the normal completion range of the fixture. In the process of calculating UGR values, you can still use the main evaluation method. After removing the influence of the color temperature and the color rendering index, the general LED glare control requirements are higher. If only the glare control measures of traditional lamps are used, it is often difficult to meet the requirements. The use of glare control is extremely important.   Glare control is a point that people will pay attention to when choosing engineering Saintly Lightingfixtures. Glare control also has a direct impact on the lighting environment and lighting quality. We must master it when using engineering lamps.  
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