The development trend of modern minimalist lighting

by:Saintly     2021-05-31
Most of the contemporary art lamps are suitable for new houses, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, toilets, etc. For example, the height-to-width ratio on the road surface, the wall tone is mountain forest emerald green, light blue, and modern lamps that can digest and absorb garden ceiling lamps are effective, making the light source bright, wide, noisy, and luxuriant; wooden floor The aspect ratio is below 3 meters, and the walls are light yellow or milky white. Contemporary lighting effects should be applied to improve the wide inspection capability of the living room. During the whole installation process, it should be noted that the low distance between the contemporary lighting equipment in the new house and the road surface should not be less than 3.2 meters, and the total width of the contemporary lighting equipment in the hotel should not be too small. If it is too low, it will become more and more congested, and it will show the detection of squeezing. At present, most modern lightings use traditional bottom-pressure natural pearl light sources and simple fluorescent light sources, and flexibly use the characteristics of modern lighting to develop contemporary simple lighting design schemes and product development directions. Company development. The extreme fusion of modern minimalist lighting and modern lighting has turned it into an unstoppable development trend of modern minimalist style Saintly Lightingin the LED era. my country is still in the stage of large-scale urbanization infrastructure construction. The continuous infrastructure construction and expansion of the sales market in big cities implies tens of billions of home Saintly Lightingrequirements. In addition, from first- and second-tier cities to third- and fourth-tier cities, the increase in China's real estate industry has also promoted the requirements of the home lighting sales market. On the other hand, in recent years, with the increase in customer wages, their requirements for the humanization and decorative arts of household lighting fixtures have continued to increase, and modern and simple lighting will no longer be limited to simple lighting requirements, which has resulted in the need for small and medium-sized lighting fixtures. There is a large market demand for lighting fixtures. And higher-end home lighting.
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