The difference between Nordic minimalist lighting and Japanese minimalist lighting

by:Saintly     2021-06-11
With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people also seem to be more striving for home decoration. In the choice of modern home decoration styles, the refreshing, simple and transparent Nordic and Japanese styles are becoming more and more popular among contemporary young people. Scandinavian minimalist lighting and Japanese minimalist lighting have also become two great tools for attacking modern culture and youth. Today, Jingying will take you to understand from the perspective of Saintly Lightingso that these two tasteful home design styles can be created at a low cost. . Let me talk about the difference between the two first. After all, many customers are easy to confuse these two decoration styles. In fact, there are many similarities between the two styles because of the basic concepts. The two styles are mixed and matched on the market. There are many designs in one space. While the Nordic style makes extensive use of black, white and gray minimalist visual elements and natural wood materials, it will also be influenced by modern industrial styles, making the overall feel more robust. While the Japanese style is also keen on the original wood and wooden elements, the color scheme is warmer, and many green plants, ceramics and other decorative details full of oriental Zen charm are added. Walking in the major decoration and decoration material markets, there are really many lighting franchise stores. During the visit, I found that with the continuous progress of modern Saintly Lightingtechnology, new materials, new processes, and new technologies are widely used, and people’s understanding of various lighting principles and their The in-depth study of the use environment has broken through the traditional concepts of simple lighting and brightening the environment in the past, and has greatly enriched the expressive power and beautification methods of modern lamps and modern simple lighting on the lighting environment. Using computer-aided design, through the requirements of brightness, light distribution curve, function and structure design of lamps and lanterns, the lamps and lanterns can meet the practical needs and maximize the effect of the light source, and pay more attention to the decorative aesthetic effects of the appearance of the lamps and lanterns. , The style of lighting is richer, the decorative effect is more individual, and energy saving and high efficiency are the mainstream. It can eliminate the user's various power connectors, reduce the cumbersome installation, and achieve the purpose of improving lighting quality, high efficiency and energy saving and ensuring safety. Pay attention to the integration technology of lamps and lighting systems. The development of modern lighting dimming methods is more advanced, convenient and flexible than the previous ones. In addition to setting dimming devices and switch devices in the lamps, they also use integrated infrared receivers. Or a remote control dimming device for dimming the projection light source.
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