The elements of hotel lighting purchase

by:Saintly     2021-05-27
For hotels, the selection and needs of hotel lamps are different from lamps used in other applications. Starting from the characteristics and needs of the hotel, there are several primary considerations. This is the key to our attention when choosing the hotel lighting.  1Safety  The choice of hotel lamps requires first consideration of the safety of the lamp structure, and then the aesthetics of the lamps and the coordination with other soft furnishings, as well as price factors. Because hotel lamps are usually custom lamps, especially in lobby lamps, lamps are relatively large and their weight must be low. Safety is one of the considerations.  2Durability  In general hotels, small innovative repairs will be made every five years, and large-scale innovative repairs will be made every ten years. In other words, the service life of hotel lamps must be ten years or more before they can meet the requirements of the hotel. Because the general small repairs will not replace the lamps, the scope of human resources involved is too large. This means that in the selection of luminaires, the quality of the heat and pressure of the luminaire, including reflector cups, heat dissipation components and fixed (positioning) components, is very important.  3Flexibility  The light source used in general hotels has a life span of about 2000 to 4000 hours. Therefore, lamps will require replacement of light sources many times in 10 years. The number of hotel lamps is over ten thousand, so replacing the light source also involves a lot of human resources, so the flexibility of the lamps is another key consideration. The ideal luminaire selection is to install and unload the light source without touching the fixed (positioning) component of the luminaire. This not only saves replacement time, but also makes a positive maintenance of the interior decoration.  4Detailed modeling  This includes all aspects of the hotel engineering lamps themselves. Take a general ceiling downlight as an example. The spray quality of the cup (if it is metal, what is the surface quality), the degree of lubrication of the reflector (if it is a frosted reflector, the uniformity of sandblasting), when the lamp is installed After the ceiling, details such as the tightness (whether there is light leakage) with the ceiling surface (gypsum board/wood veneer) should be paid attention to. In addition to lamps, installation workers (craftsmanship) are also very important. In the decoration, it is necessary to ensure that the lamps are installed in the correct installation method.  5 Projection Index  The glare effect of the lamp, how the light source is preserved, the flexibility of the lamp projection direction, and the expandability of the accessories, all affect the selection of the lamp. Especially in terms of the scalability of accessories, consider very carefully, because the 'projection point of viewPart of it is relying on these accessories to build the overall atmosphere.   Hotel is a rich and elegant place, but the rich and elegant temperament is reflected by the lighting, so Saintly Lightingis the hero of the hotel.  
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