The establishment of the lighting engineering cost standard compilation group

by:Saintly     2021-06-04
In his speech, Bing Shukui, Chairman of the China Illuminating Society, affirmed the importance of the establishment of the lighting engineering cost standard compilation group: 'In recent years, the outdoor Saintly Lightingindustry in China has developed very fast, but the standards have not kept up. The standards are a yardstick for the industry. , Which measures the quality of Saintly Lightingprojects.” Director Bing introduced that the China Illuminating Society has been working hard for many years to build standards for the lighting industry, which is the top priority of the society’s work. It can not only serve the government, but also provide references in bidding and settlement. It also provides protection for companies in the lighting industry and promotes the orderly progress and development of China's lighting industry.

   Dou Linping, Secretary-General of the China Society and Director of the China System Special Committee, introduced the background of the establishment of the 'Engineering Cost Standards Compilation Group': the establishment and development of the 'Engineering Cost Standards Preparation Group' was after the establishment of the China Engineering Cost Standards Committee. With the rapid development of urban landscape lighting, it is no longer suitable to continue to use the 2005 construction cost standard, especially the cost of high-altitude operations, which is often at a loss. At present, we need to let the management department understand the charging standards and basis suitable for the current stage, regulate the behavior of practitioners in the lighting industry, and actively close the communication between the urban construction management department and the lighting industry.
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