The importance of star hotel lighting and lighting design

by:Saintly     2021-06-06
The importance of star hotel lighting and lighting design

A luxurious hotel stands in a metropolis with constant flow of people. The hotel displayed in front of people during the day is luxurious, high-end, and graceful. At night, it needs to create a private, elegant and warm atmosphere. Since the main operation of the hotel is at night, its lighting system plays an extremely important role, so the hotel Saintly Lightingdesign is an important factor in determining the success or failure of the hotel. The chief design director of Huaguang said that a hotel without professional lighting design cannot have the unique atmosphere of a hotel, and it is impossible to achieve good economic benefits! What kind of hotel lighting design can better absorb customers? Let's analyze how the hotel does lighting design from the following three aspects.

Outdoor lighting design should be different from the overall architectural style

  The lighting design of a five-star hotel not only needs to express the style of the hotel itself, but also interact with the surrounding buildings and environment to prevent the formation of abrupt and monotonous feelings. In the use of lighting techniques, for example, the main light is used to highlight the wonderful part of the building, and the auxiliary light is used to outline other parts to make the building lighting rich in layers, which not only highlights the essence of the building, but also expresses the overall image of the building. At the same time, control the direction of light use to express the texture and characteristics of the architectural facing materials. Regular and repeated use of light in the degree and vertical direction of the building can make the architectural lighting rich in rhythm and layering.

Regarding the more eye-catching parts of the five-star hotel logo or individual characteristics, you can use part of the lighting accent light in the best direction to achieve the effect of highlighting the eye-catching and highlighting the key points.

It is located in a tasteful five-star hotel. The distinctive exterior lighting design absorbs customers into the store, and does not leave customers' hearts. The interior lighting design can better express the uniqueness of the hotel. Therefore, the interior lighting design is not just simply illuminating the space. Whether it is the hotel lobby, hall or presidential suite, it needs the 'finishing touch' of lighting to greatly enhance the characteristics of the hotel. The artistic background is five. The infinite pursuit of star-rated hotels. For example, in the lounge area of u200bu200ba luxurious hotel lobby, the interior incorporates creativity into this space, adding some unique elements, such as humanistic elements, natural decorative elements, etc., and at the same time, it is necessary to match the choice of decoration, partly Disposal of lighting, etc. Warm lighting and graceful music make the guests staying here get a cup of tea and a moment of rest. The choice of table lamp on the table must match the surrounding decoration environment, and many elements must be considered, such as carpet , Sofas, tables, as well as walls, steps, etc.

design must balance aesthetics and applicability at the same time

The above two points have introduced the importance of the close connection between artistic aesthetics, creative methods and five-star hotels, but don’t forget that lighting design requires not only gorgeous and beautiful surfaces, but more importantly, the application of lighting design. Performance and durability meet the needs of conventional lighting. The common architectural structure of some five-star hotels complicates the selection of installation locations, which makes maintenance and repairs a little troublesome. In addition, the implementation of energy-saving methods is also a strategy adopted by many hotels and guesthouses nowadays. The application of energy-saving products not only saves operating costs but also becomes more environmentally friendly.

Therefore, the lighting design of a five-star hotel should not only be closely separated from the characteristics of the hotel, participate in creative aesthetic elements, highlight the design theme of the hotel, but also pay more attention to the applicability of lighting and lighting, and become a classic with a long-lasting ability.
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