The lamps can also be customized? How does the process of lighting customization go?

by:Saintly     2021-06-05
Good-looking lamps can set off the style of the entire home improvement. Nowadays, the design of many lamps is too popular, and it seems that none of them can satisfy perfectionist customers. So the Saintly Lightingcustomization industry came into being. Now everything can be customized, clothing and home furnishings, lamps are no exception. Of course, a good lamp also requires the business to have hard skills, so let's look at it together, the lamp can also be customized? How does the process of lighting customization go?

1. Communication. customization also requires full communication between the customer and the merchant. The customer needs to inform the designer of his preferences and the style of home improvement, so that the designed lighting meets the customer's expectations. Custom lighting is also a big challenge for designers. First of all, they must understand the needs and psychology of customers, and secondly, the design level must be high enough. Otherwise, both parties are dissatisfied with the design, and the business will be sloppy.

2. After the customer submits his own ideas, the designer would better take the customer to visit the customized finished product and seek a correct design direction. Some customers’ expression designers may not be able to understand. Through intuitive feelings and experiences, they may be able to make the customers clarify what kind of lamps they want without embarrassing the designers too much. By observing the customer's tendency, a good designer should be able to understand the customer's needs, and thus know what kind of crafts and materials to use, so as not to step on the customer's minefield.

3. After receiving the customer's ideas, the designer has determined the design direction, and then he can go to the door for on-site inspections. Measure the installation position and size of the luminaire through the positioning of the instrument, estimate the lighting range of the entire luminaire, and consider whether the style of the luminaire matches other furniture. If the customer provides a design drawing of the home decoration, then the color and material of the luminaire can be directly determined. And craftsmanship. Calculate the customized effects of lamps and lanterns through visual effects and color matching, and get the most suitable lamp styles.

4. After collecting enough information, the designer returns to the studio to draw drawings. Must be based on the real data measured on hand, if there is a deviation in the measurement, the data must be checked and exchanged with the customer first. After the preliminary design drawing is completed, we will exchange ideas with the customer, modify it on the original basis according to the customer's ideas, and make suggestions until the customer is satisfied, and then we can start making lamps.

5. Regarding the production, in the process of lighting customization, the business and the customer should negotiate about materials, craftsmanship, surface treatment and other issues. After the customization is completed, the merchant should invite the customer for on-site acceptance. The final order is completed.
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