The lighting of modern and simple lighting makes people refreshing

by:Saintly     2021-05-31
The popular style of modern minimalist Saintly Lightingis usually based on furniture. In the past few years, the decoration industry has a minimalist style. Correspondingly, many Saintly Lightingcompanies have followed this popular trend and launched modern and minimalist style lighting products. 1. Material The bulb opening of ordinary incandescent lamps is made of white iron, which is easy to rust. Better quality lamps are usually made of aluminum alloy. Rusty 2. Lamps with better filaments are usually double tungsten lamps, and LED light sources are the most common now. The durability and overall appearance of modern minimalist lighting is the best choice. Jiulin Domei specializes in modern minimalist lighting. 3. Brightness The brightness of modern and simple Saintly Lightingfar exceeds that of ordinary tungsten bulbs. Large-wattage lighting is sufficient, and save energy without consuming power. 4. Price As the saying goes, don't just buy cheap lamps when buying lamps, because the quality is absolutely proportional to the price, so it makes sense to pay for the product. 5. Certification depends on whether the product has 3C certification qualifications and check its content. Many people's living rooms do not have windows, so the light is not very good. When this kind of living room encounters a rainy day, it becomes even darker, which brings certain pressure to the homeowner’s psychology. In this case, some reasonable designs can be used to highlight the three-dimensional space, so that the rear sun living room appears bright. 1) Auxiliary artificial light source: Light can produce an interesting sense of hierarchy. Appropriately add some auxiliary light sources, especially simple modern lamps, which reflect on the ceiling and walls to reflect a warmer effect. 2) Uniform hue: The backlit living room should not use boring hue. Due to space constraints, some colors will spoil the overall softness and warmth of the room. However, the matte lacquered furniture has a white beech wood finish. Light beige floor, smooth brick; light blue tone wall, can break through the dim color and adjust the light. 3) Increase activity space: Putting ready-made furniture in the living room will inevitably produce some blind spots and destroy the overall sense of color. The solution to this contradiction is to customize furniture according to the specific conditions of the living room and leave as much space as possible. , To maintain a fresh sense of vision.
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