The overall consideration of Nordic minimalist lighting design

by:Saintly     2021-06-10
It is precisely because of the development of science and technology that people continue to put forward new requirements for home lighting systems. In meeting basic lighting needs, they also require intelligent control, simple operation, and energy-saving and high-efficiency. Therefore, Jingying is exquisitely crafted, set up a smart home system, and control the Nordic minimalist lighting of the whole house with one button. Owners only need to control all the lights in the home through smart terminal devices such as mobile phones or tablets, realizing long and short range control. It automatically adjusts to a dimly lit state when there is no one, and intelligently lights up when there are people; it can also adjust the temperature of the light according to the ambient temperature, and automatically adjust the indoor light environment to achieve 'on-demand lighting' to reduce light waste and create a good and comfortable indoor environment. In summer, the light source is automatically adjusted to a cool color, which makes people feel cool; in winter, the light source is automatically adjusted to a warm color, which makes people feel warm. In addition, the Nordic minimalist lighting can also control the home scene. When a guest comes to the house, as long as the guest mode is activated with one button, the home light will be turned on according to the preset lighting effect, allowing the guest to be in a wonderful environment at once For families with children, the lights in the children’s bedroom can also be turned off regularly, which is convenient for cultivating the children’s living habit of getting up and going to bed early. In the overall consideration of the landscape LED lighting design of buildings, the following points must be confirmed first:   1 The viewing direction The building may be visible from various directions and angles, but generally before the design starts, we first To determine a specific direction as the main viewing direction.  2 Distance   The possible viewing distance of an average person. The distance will affect the clarity of people's observation of the appearance of the facade, and at the same time affect the decision of the level of illumination.  3 Surrounding environment and background  The brightness of the surrounding environment and background will affect the illuminance required by the subject. If the periphery of the led fan light is very dark, a little light is enough to illuminate the subject; if the periphery is very bright, the light must be strengthened to highlight the subject. In the Nordic minimalist lighting design of buildings, it can be roughly divided into the following steps:   4 Determine the desired lighting effect The building may produce different Saintly Lightingeffects due to its own appearance, or more uniform, or strong light and dark changes; It can also be a more plain way of expression, or a more lively way of expression, depending on the properties of the building itself.  5 Choose a suitable light source  When choosing a light source, consideration should be given to factors such as light color, color rendering, efficiency, and life span. The light color of modern lighting has an equivalent relationship with the color of the exterior wall materials of the building. Generally speaking, gold bricks and yellowish-brown stone are more suitable for using warm light to illuminate, and the light source is high pressure sodium lamp or halogen lamp.  6 Decide the required illuminance  The required illuminance mainly depends on the brightness of the surrounding environment and the color depth of the exterior wall materials of the building. The recommended illuminance value is for the main facade. Generally speaking, the illuminance of the secondary façade is half of that of the main façade, and the three-dimensional sense of the building can be expressed by the light and shade of the two sides. 7 Choosing the appropriate luminaires Generally speaking, the square projection light has a larger distribution angle; the round luminaire has a smaller angle; the wide-angle luminaire has a more uniform effect, but it is not suitable for long-distance projection; the narrow-angle luminaire is suitable for Long-distance projection, but poor uniformity when used at close range.  8 Calculation of illuminance and number of lamps    After the above steps are completed, determine the number of lamps according to the illuminance calculation of the selected light source, lamp, installation location and other conditions, so that the effect after installation can be as close as possible to the expected. The appearance of the building is expressed by the projection of lights at night, and the resultant effect will be quite different from the feeling during the day. Therefore, in the design of LED Saintly Lightingengineering, the effect obtained does not have to be the same as the effect during the day, but it is important to show the characteristics of the building.
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