The space collocation of modern lighting in the living room

by:Saintly     2021-06-08
Black and white is a common color in the Nordic minimalist style, but the Nordic people who have lived in cold climates for a long time hope to bring some warmth to home decoration. The owner of this home obviously agrees with this point. The multi-window design he adopted brings a bright indoor environment, coupled with the original wood-colored and reflective floor, the chandeliers with warm light, and the comfortable chairs and decorations. The sofa, in an environment with white as the elementary color, conveys the concept of warmth. The space collocation of the modern lighting in the living room: the lively studio is laid-back and tranquil under the shroud of sunlight. A chic chandelier adds a touch of art to the space. Looking up, an IKEA-style chandelier can't wait to greet us. The size of the space determines the direction of decoration. Simple decoration makes a small space appear spacious and not crowded. The tree-shaped floor lamp is placed in the corner of the wall, and the small lamp beads on the head of the branch are full of dreamy colors. A row of spotlights on the suspended ceiling envelops the entire bedroom with romance. When installing modern lighting, the roof of the home should be considered. If it is a masonry roof, it should be fixed with embedded bolts, or fixed with expansion bolts, nylon plugs, plastic plugs, etc., instead of wooden wedges. Do not hang too many decorations on the lamps, otherwise it will fall and hurt people if the load capacity is exceeded. Although modern Saintly Lightingis close to the ceiling, some electromagnetic reactions will still absorb dust in the air when the lights are turned on. The light will also attract mosquitoes into the lampshade, so remember to keep a clean home environment and clean up the lamps to prevent the lights from dimming. The lampshade can be cleaned according to the material. If it is glass, you can scrub it carefully with a small soft cloth, or clean it with toothpaste. If it is a crystal lampshade, it can be cleaned with neutral detergent. When we buy modern lighting, we will be very confused. However, we must not randomly choose one to fool when choosing. Therefore, the editor of the decoration network reminds you that when purchasing modern lighting, we must first master it. A certain amount of common sense. 1. Modern, fashionable and modern lighting. Perhaps many people like large and luxurious European-style home furnishings. However, modern Saintly Lightingis more popular. Therefore, most modern lighting styles in the market are full of modern flavors, providing consumers with Wide choice space and leeway. 2. Chinese-style modern lighting The appearance of Chinese-style modern lighting is mostly classical, bright and neat. If it is installed in the foyer area, the bright light and classical atmosphere will bring people a pleasant mood, and the Chinese patterns will be projected by the lights, like dreams and illusions, so that your irritable mood will be comfortable. 3. Crystal modern lighting. This type of modern lighting is loved by consumers. Its crystal clear crystals and dreamlike lighting effects are not only soft, but also very beautiful. Crystal lamps are divided into natural crystal cut and polished modern lighting, heavy lead crystal blow molding modern lighting, low-lead crystal blow molding modern lighting; crystal glass mid-range modern lighting, crystal glass pendant modern lighting, crystal glass die-casting cutting modern lighting, Crystal glass strip modern lighting and so on. 4. European style candlestick-type modern lighting. This type of modern lighting has a magnificent shape and noble color, giving a noble temperament. The candlestick-type modern lighting design is inspired entirely by the candlesticks used by the ancients.
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